‘Kate Plus 8′: Kate Gosselin Controls Kids’ Money – Something Fishy Going On?

Kate Plus 8 celebrity mom Kate Gosselin needs to relinquish the money under her guardianship, says her ex Jon Gosselin. At least for the two children that live with him. Jon now has legal custody of two of the sextuplets – Hannah Gosselin and Collin Gosselin. Therefore, Kate should not be in control of the children’s assets.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin And Her Kid’s Money

According to Jon Gosselin, his ex Kate Gosselin is making him jump through hoops to get money earned by the two kids for their time on the reality show Kate Plus 8. Jon is far from shy when it comes to making his accusations public against Kate Gosselin.

So, once again he seems fine with sharing his latest bout with his ex-wife regarding the kids’ money. This dad, who starred in Jon and Kate Plus 8 before divorce shortened the title, wants answers.

Jon Gosselin accuses Kate Gosselin of withholding money that belongs to the two teens. Now he’s asking she be held in contempt of court. She agreed last year to turn their money over to Jon for him to oversee.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Guardian of the Accounts

While all eight kids lived with the Kate Plus 8 star, she became the custodian of the trust accounts set up for the kids. It was last May that she agreed Collin and Hannah’s trust accounts would now be in Jon’s custodial care.

But that was almost a year ago and Kate remains in control of all the sextuplet’s money earned from TLC. Then in October, Jon asked that the court now become involved with Kate Gosselin as he believes she’s in contempt of court for failing to turn over that money.

According to Jon, Kate didn’t follow through on handing over those accounts. But according to the Kate Plus 8 reality mom, it’s Jon who didn’t follow through on his part. She argued this in court.

Kate Gosselin stated Jon simply needs to give TLC direct deposit information for this transfer to happen. It sounds odd that Jon would be using a lawyer to bring legal action against her if that’s all there was to the story.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin

Kate Plus 8: Where’s the Money?

As far as employment for this mom of eight, she no longer has her Kate Plus 8 gig anymore. She went against a court order and put the sextuplets on TV once again. That seemed to put a screeching halt to her TV days. Not to mention how this move infuriated Jon Gosselin.

A judge told the TV mom that the minor children could not film without the legal work papers. The only way she could obtain them is if both parents signed for them.

Then when the four sextuplets, who live with their mother, filmed a TLC special. So, the mom went against the judge’s order and had them appear in a Kate Plus 8 special without Jon’s consent.

Then TLC separated themselves from the reality show almost immediately following that debacle. Now, she is no longer the star of any reality show. But this controversial mom is sure making headlines again as Jon Gosselin shares his latest bone of contention about the mother of his eight kids.

So it appears Jon may think something fishy is going on with the kids’ money. Some fans think she is making this harder than it should be for retaliation purposes?

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