Kate Gosselin Faces Rude Awakening Now That Daughter Talks?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin fought with ex-husband Jon Gosselin for years over the kids growing up on TV. Now, it seems the toll of Kate’s insistence reveals itself.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 morphed into Kate Plus 8 once Jon walked away from the reality show. Next came a very nasty public divorce between the parents of these eight kids.

Kate Gosselin Played Out Family Life On the Screen

Despite the divorce and Kate Gosselin having custody of the kids, Jon still fought. He wanted the famous sextuplets and their set of twins away from the cameras.

Fans were privy to a lot of the interactions between Kate and her children on both programs. Fans of the show scrutinized her parenting. But when she became the star of her own show with the children, the scrutiny seemed to reach a new height.

Kate Gosselin demonstrated her parenting skills for her reality show audience. This included a lot of yelling and screaming coming from the Kate Plus 8 star.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Worried About What this Would Do to the Kids

Through a decade of interviews, Jon said he didn’t care about the money he walked away from. His main concern stemmed from turning their offspring into public figures. He worried about the toll this would take on his children. At the same time, Kate Gosselin continued her quest for reality show fame. She and her brood were a package deal for the TV screen.

On the other hand, fame seemed to fuel the Kate Plus 8 celebrity. It was that drive for fame that inevitably ended this mom’s over a decade of affiliation with TLC. Kate went against a judge’s order and put her minor children on a reality show special. Shortly after that TLC severed ties with the famous mother of eight.

But Jon always worried about what this would do to the kids. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad is slowly finding out just what it did do. This dad said several times over the years that their children will tell their own stories one day as they grew into adults. Well, recently that time came for Mady Gosselin and it is heartbreaking.

Kate Gosselin Daughter Mady Gosselin
Kate Gosselin Daughter Mady Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Fame Creates Side Effects

Mady Gosselin, one of the 19-year-old Gosselin twins, recently revealed something about herself that fans find heart-wrenching. In a self-made video, she explains something about herself that even her friends and family don’t know.

This college student describes herself as “incapable of love.” Followers of these famous kids were devastated to hear Mady say this about herself. This beautiful young woman also said that she fears the people she loves will end up leaving her.

Mady lived through the turmoil of her parent’s divorce. She also experienced the split of the family. Two of the sextuplets left Kate Gosselin and moved in with their dad under their own accord. Jon was awarded custody of both Hannah and Collin. two of the sextuplets.

So, many of the holidays came and went without the two siblings in Kate Gosselin’s house. With the angry divorce and now a split among the siblings, it’s easy to see why Mady might feel this way. But fans comment how it’s awful for her to feel like that just the same.

It appears Jon Gosselin’s predictions that Kate’s drive for fame would eventually take a toll on their children, may ring true. Starting with Mady who grew into a young woman feeling that she’s incapable of love. The consensus among the Kate Gosselin fans suggests that Mady’s outlook today is the epidemy of sadness for the Gosselin family.

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