‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Wins – Kate No-Show at Collin Custody Hearing She Tried to Postpone

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin was a no-show at a recent custody hearing which awarded Jon Gosselin temporary custody of Collin Gosselin. Jon went to bat for his 14-year-old son Collin after his son asked to come and live with the dad of eight. After Collin Gosselin spent two years in a treatment facility, his dad won sole-custody. However, this is only temporary, until the next court date.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Wins – Collin Gosselin to Live with Dad

Collin Gosselin didn’t want to go back to the facility after a recent visit to his dad’s home. It looks like Jon Gosselin set the wheels turning to make that happen. Reports put Collin’s big move to his dad’s home taking place before Christmas.

According to reports today, Collin Gosselin looked as if he’d been to “hell and back” after all he’s been through. This includes two years in a treatment facility, where his mom placed him. Then to top it off, the young teen had to endure his parent’s “nasty custody battle,” reports Radar Online.

Kate Gosselin No-Show

This is the second time Jon’s won custody of one of the famous sextuplets. Hannah also lives with her dad after embarking on a similar custody battle. Just like with Collin, when Hannah wanted to live with her dad, Kate Gosselin said no. But Jon Gosselin persisted through the court and he won.

It appears that the matriarch of Kate Plus 8 asked for a postponement of the custody hearing but she was denied. Whatever Kate Gosselin had to do instead of the scheduled hearing must have been of great importance. The hearing was held this week and Kate Gosselin never showed up.

Collin Gosselin Makes Second Custody Win for Jon

Since Kate did not attend, the court granted temporary custody to Jon. Furthermore, reports indicate, “all other matters were moved to a future court date.” The couple, who gained fame from their first reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, has eight children. After Jon left they called the show Kate Plus 8. This huge family emerged from just two pregnancies.

First, Kate gave birth to twin girls, who are 18-years-old today. Following the twins, she gave birth to sextuplets, who are 14-years-old today. Collin, Hannah, Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden are the names of the Gosselin sextuplets. Cara and Mady are the couple’s twin girls. While Hannah already lives with her dad and Collin Gosselin is moving in shortly, that leaves Kate at home with six kids.

Kate and Jon Gosselin Can’t Come to Agreement on Eight

Kate Gosselin loves the cameras and limelight. She continued to shop around for a reality show after the first run of the TLC series Kate Plus 8 ended. Jon Gosselin was against the cameras infiltrating the kids’ lives. The difference of opinion about the kids growing up in front of the cameras laid the foundation for their divorce.

Collin went to a treatment facility for behavioral issues about two years ago. Kate never said much about the facility or the behavioral issues that Collin needed to work on. Now as Christmas nears, Collin Gosselin got his wish. His dad Jon Gosselin won the custody battle. There’s no word on how Kate Gosselin is taking the news that Collin will now be in his dad’s care.

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