Kate Plus 8 Now Only 6: Gosselin Custody Battle Twist – Hannah’s Instagram Goes Dark

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin are dealing with the aftermath of a fractured family today in the court system. The Gosselin kids were raised in front of TV cameras under the show titles of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and then Kate Plus 8. Hannah Gosselin is now at the center of a long custody battle between the couple. This has put Jon and his ex-wife back in the spotlight.

Kate Plus 8 – Hannah Gosselin Deletes Instagram Account

Amid a long-drawn-out custody battle over Hannah Gosselin, 14, the teen closed her Instagram page. She is living with her dad, which is apparently where the judge agreed she could live.

Hannah Gosselin is one of the sextuplets who originally rocketed Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin to fame. The kids literally grew up with TV cameras filming a good portion of their daily lives. The couple also has twin daughters who turn 18 in January.

The Gosselin’s eight kids all lived with Kate at one time but now with Hannah Gosselin living with Jon Gosselin, and Collin in a treatment facility, she has just six kids under her roof.

Kate Gosselin’s Hunt for Fame

The Kate Plus 8 family’s publicity waned through the years, but it seems the Gosselin family found their way back into the public eye frequently. Even when they weren’t signed on to a show, Jon and Kate often made headlines with their antics.

This TV journey was spearheaded by Kate, who spent a good deal of time in front of the camera herself. Then in between gigs she’would often spend time shopping for a show that would put her family back in front of a camera. Jon Gosselin wanted the kids off the air and enjoying a normal childhood.

Kate Gosselin Plowed Over in Court?

The mother of eight wanted a TV life for her family so the mom and dad were at odds over this when they split. Hannah decided she wanted to live with her father and Jon recently confirmed that she now does. It seems that Kate was mowed over in April when a judge “made a big custody ruling,” according to RadarOnline.

Kate Gosselin tried to appeal the custody ruling but was denied back in May. Then she recently tried again – and was denied once more. That was an emergency petition for special relief along with a motion for reconsideration. This is still an on-going family court case.

Jon Gosselin Announced Hannah’s Instagram to His Followers

Hannah set up and enjoyed her first Instagram account when she moved in with her father. Kate Gosselin doesn’t allow her kids to have social media accounts (despite keeping them on TV constantly). The teen looked to be having fun, even posting a quick blurb on IG with a friend after the two ordered pizza recently.

Hannah posted pictures of her friends, as well as photos of herself with her dad on her Instagram page. Back in May, Jon revealed to his Instagram followers that Hannah had a page and encouraged his followers to check it out.

Kate Plus 8 – Collin Gosselin Institutionalized Last 2 Years

Then, out of the blue, Hannah Gosselin’s Instagram page went dark. There is some speculation this might have something to do with Kate. It might have been tough for her to enforce her no-social-media rule when Hannah is online at her dad’s and he’s her legal guardian.

With Hannah freely posting online about her fun with her dad Jon, maybe Kate feared the other kids would want to be with their dad too. Who knows, before long she could have the other kids itching to live with dad so they too can open social media accounts.

Another of the sextuplets, Hannah’s brother, Collin Gosselin has been institutionalized for “at least two years,” reports RadarOnline. Back in 2015, Kate revealed her then-12-year-old son, Collin was dealing with some “social challenges.” Besides that, she was very tight-lipped about Collin. Then in 2016, it was reported that the boy had “serious anger issues” and Kate had a tough time handling him.

Collin is now in a facility for special needs children. He’s been getting regular visits from his dad Jon Gosselin and sister Hannah Gosselin. It seems Hannah is where she wants to be. However, it looks like Kate Gosselin won’t give up until she can snatch back custody from her ex-Jon Gosselin. Come back to Soap Dirt for the latest reality show news and spoilers.