‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Snubs TLC’s $1 Million Offer to Fake Kate Marriage

Kate Plus 8 originally played out as Jon and Kate Plus 8, that is until the TLC TV mom, Kate Gosselin, decided to divorce her husband Jon Gosselin. But the show was such a success that Jon claims he was offered $1 million dollars to stay married to his wife for sake of the TV cameras. He declined the offer and doesn’t regret it even today when that $1 million would come in handy.

Kate Plus 8: What Jon Gosselin Has to Say May Curl Your Toes

One of Jon’s biggest heartbreaks in life came from the mother of his kids. But the Kate Plus 8 star didn’t break his heart romantically. It was over what she did to their son Collin Gosselin, which Jon explains.

It was when Collin Gosselin, who is one of the sextuplets that gave both Kate and Jon Gosselin fame, was sent away to a school for kids with special needs. Kate sent Collin off, but Jon Gosselin doesn’t look at it as a school as first reported by Kate.

The TV mother sent their son Collin to Fairmont Behavioral Institute. Jon describes Collin spending three “inhumane” years at the facility and he blames Kate Gosselin for this. Collin, now 15, lives with Jon today. The boy’s only diagnosis seems to be ADHD but still, his mother put him in that facility, according to his dad.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin - Kate Gosselin

 Jon Gosselin Couldn’t Even Fake a Marriage $1 Million.

When the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 was going strong but divorce loomed for the couple, TLC had a fix. First, the network paid for marriage counseling for the couple. But Jon Gosselin said that while he gave it a try, he felt she didn’t focus on saving their marriage. It appears Kate’s interest honed in on fame.

Then Jon claims TLC upped the ante in what sounds like a desperate attempt to keep these two together on the screen. Once the marriage went belly-up, Jon said TLC offered him $1 million to do two more seasons of Jon and Kate Plus 8. They offered this chunk of money for Jon to fake his marriage to Kate.

Jon refused, he wanted out of the fishbowl they lived in. If he stayed he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. From there, Kate Plus 8 was born. He hated this for his kids. He didn’t want them living life in front of the cameras with the nation as an audience.

Kate Plus 8: Some Harsh Accusations

Today this dad of eight has two of the sextuplets living with him, Collin and Hannah Gosselin. Both kids asked to live with their dad. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star still worries about the other four sextuplets as well as his 18-year-old twin daughters who still live with their mom.

The father of eight also said that he worries about what his ex-wife is capable of when it came to the kids. He said in his latest interview,“I do know what she’s capable of, whether it’s mental or physical [abuse]”.

The TLC network is famous for its reality shows but viewers often question the validity of some of the things they see. The former TV dad claims TLC offered him a million bucks. This entailed acting out a pretend marriage to Kate just to keep Jon and Kate Plus 8 going. So it looks like the viewers might be right. Well, in this case anyway.

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