‘Kate Plus Date’: Jon Gosselin Sprinkles Rain on Kate’s Parade, but Will He Watch?

Kate Plus Date rolls out tonight as Kate Gosselin attempts to find a new love interest, but will Jon Gosselin tune in to see how his ex fares? According to recent reports, Kate’s ex-husband of almost a decade now doesn’t hold out too much hope for her new venture. But he’s willing to say “to each his own,” while discussing his ex wife’s dating show.

Kate Plus Date: Jon Gosselin Enjoys Simple Stability

Kate Plus Date is Kate Gosselin’s latest adventure. She seemed to like the cameras infiltrating the family’s life but it wasn’t the same for Jon. It’s been almost ten years since Jon Gosselin graced the reality show screen with his appearance. He didn’t want to film and he also didn’t want his kids growing up with cameras filming everything they did.

Two of the 15-year-old sextuplets (Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin) now live with their dad. Jon parted ways with his wife for several reasons. But the famous TV mother’s insistence upon having the kids on Jon & Kate Plus Eight (before it was Kate Plus Eight) was one big bone of contention between the two. While the new show, Kate Plus Date, concentrates on the mom of eight, her twin girls highlight the previews.

Jon wanted his children to have a normal childhood. But Kate seemed to like the fame and sold out their privacy for a place on primetime lineup. After Jon parted ways with Kate, he settled down in a stable relationship. Jon said during a 2018 interview that he’d been in a relationship with Colleen Conrad for four years. That’s when Jon also shared how he knew Colleen most of his life. The two grew up just a few doors away from each other. Maybe she will end up as lucky as Jon, as the result of her Kate Plus Date experience.

Kate Gosselin Comes Up Empty Handed

While Jon was able to find love and hold onto a relationship, Kate Gosselin had a rough road when it came to dating. This time around Kate Plus Date films the TV mom’s journey. There are no ducking cameras while out on these dates. For close to a year she and the co-founder of the company Dreamstime were quite the item. Despite headlines saying the millionaire, Jeff Prescott dumped her for a much younger woman, he claimed it another reason for their demise. He bailed just two days before Kate Plus 8, the prequel to Kate Plus Date, was about to film a new season back in 2015.

Prescott did say in a later interview that he didn’t want to be part of the media circus. He wanted to avoid being made into a spectacle. Then, of course, before Prescott, there was the married bodyguard Steve Neild. Rumors also put the TLC mom and Neild as an item. Although they never confirmed a romantic relationship.

Still, the two traveled and dinned together even before Jon Gosselin and the mother of his kids went their separate ways. Jon admits he always had a feeling about those two and he was jealous at the time. He also shared how he felt about that while home with the kids. “Here I’m Mr. Mom. And then there’s some other guy traveling with my wife,” said the dad of eight. While all this is behind them now, Jon’s found happiness and it looks like his ex is banking on Kate Plus Date doing the same for her.

Kate Plus Date: Experts Guide Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin gets a little help on Kate Plus Date from expert matchmakers. It seems TLC has  Rachel DeAlto and Adam LoDolce help the TV mom navigate the waters of dating again pointing out the dos and don’ts as she proceeds. In the previews, it looks like Rachel gets excited after one of the prospects doles out “I love you” to this TLC mom in record time.

So will Jon Gosselin have his ex-wife’s show tuned in tonight? According to one media outlet, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Not to mention that it seems Jon isn’t putting much stock in his ex wive’s prospects of a love connection coming out of this process.

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