Kate Gosselin Finally Arrives – Makes Celeb A-List as Her Fame Fades

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame searched for stardom throughout the years but never really found her name on the A-List, until now. It seems Kate Gosselin recently showed up on a list with A-list famous faces. This put her alongside some of the most well-known names in celebrity history like Justin Bieber and the late John Lennon.

Kate Gosselin In Long Time Quest For Fame

This reality mom’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has said for years that Kate needs to conquer fame. When he wanted to stop their Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality show years ago, the then TLC mom wouldn’t hear of it. Jon went his separate way and the couple’s divorce was final a decade ago.

Jon still advocated for the kids to enjoy a normal childhood despite the couple’s demise. But that would entail ridding the house of cameras and Kate Gosselin wouldn’t hear of it. She went on to her Kate Plus 8 show where she and the kids were the stars of this reality venue.

Jon finally got a court to rule on the kids and the cameras. A judge put the kibosh on this famous mom making all the decisions. For their minor children to appear before the cameras, this mom of eight needed to apply for a work permit for the kids. Although one catch came along with this. It seems Jon had to sign off on those permits as well.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Real World and Reality World Implodes

Apparently, the mom of sextuplets bypassed the work permits and had her minor sextuplets appear in a Kate Plus 8 special on TLC. When Jon found this out he notified the courts and Kate was in hot water. She went against a judge’s order.

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This did more than put Kate Gosselin in legal trouble. It appears shortly after this debacle, TLC severed ties with the celebrity mom of eight. So no more Kate Gosselin specials. While an insider reported the famous reality show mom was able to support herself for a while on the money she saved from her previous shows, it didn’t last forever.

Kate Gosselin reportedly faced financial problems without a TLC paycheck coming in. She then put her family’s mansion on the market. Recent reports indicate her Pennsylvania mansion was snatched up quickly. This famous home where Jon & Kate Plus 8, and the Kate Plus 8 shows were filmed now sits with a sale pending.

Kate Gosselin: House Sold

Kate Gosselin: A-List Fame Arrives But For Her House Only

Ironically, the fame Kate Gosselin seemed to want so desperately suddenly went to her house. Kate’s house became featured in November’s edition of Top 10 Celebrity Real Estate News. Her home sits alongside real estate that was once owned by the late John Lennon. Another famous property on that list, the mansion where Justin Bieber spent his honeymoon.

The property once owned by the creator of the famous soap, The Young and the Restless is also included. The famous sports figure LeBron James and the late Katharine Hepburn, once lived in homes on that list as well. Several other famous faces once owned properties that also show up on the list.

While it’s too late to rub elbows with some of these celebrities, she finally showed up on a list among them. But as of today, there’s no news on what this mom attends to do next. Although the buzz suggests she’s got Hollywood on her radar for her next home town. But, who knows where her journey for fame lands her next.

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