Kate Gosselin House Sold – Hollywood Bound With $1.3 Million?

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame put her famous reality show house on the market, and news today suggests she sold it quickly. The buyer of this pending $1.3 million sale is unknown to the public so far.

Kate Gosselin: Did Bragging Rights Help Sell the House?

It’s not known if Kate Gosselin being the owner of the home, helped sell the property. Or maybe the filming of Kate Plus 8 in the house helped bring the buyer to the property. But whether the buyer is Kate Gosselin’s number one fan – or doesn’t know her at all – the buyer still gets bragging rights. That’s if they decide to use them.

Kate first purchased the home with her then-husband, Jon Gosselin. That’s back when Jon & Kate Plus 8 still aired on the TLC network. Then Kate Gosselin was awarded the home in her divorce settlement. Jon and Kate Gosselin paid $1.1 million for the property back in 2008. Over the following decade, this estate was home to eight kids and two adults as they filmed two reality shows within those walls.

Kate Gosselin: House Sold

Two Reality Shows – A Lot Happened Within Those Wals

The Kate Gosselin estate sounds like a ready-made home for a family with a bunch of kids. The house sits on 23 acres in the Pennsylvania countryside, about 70 miles outside Philidelphia. The property boasts a pool complete with a waterslide.

The patio opens to an outdoor spa, and there’s even an outdoor kitchen for the chef in the family. There’s plenty of sleeping room with six bedrooms, and this house also comes with seven bathrooms. So there’s no waiting for the facilities in the morning even for a large family.

The property also comes with a three-car garage with an apartment. So Kate Gosselin’s house offers accommodations for either weekend visitors or a place to put your in-laws if they decide to turn a visit into a long-term stay.

Recent reports indicate this mom of eight suffers from money problems since her departure from TLC. This supposedly pushed her to sell the home.

So, where is the next stop for the TV mom? Her plans start with leaving the state, according to the latest reports. This means she will need to tell Jon Gosselin where she’s going as he shares custody of the kids under her roof.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Still Yearning For Fame?

The Kate Plus 8 star’s ex-husband claims that Kate Gosselin is still in the market for fame. But now that TLC severed ties with her, those reality specials no longer exist.

Even if options were possible, the last time this reality star mom graced the screen for a reality show, it didn’t do well. Kate Plus Date was another attempt by TLC to put the controversial TV mom out there again. The ratings didn’t support a second season.

Kate Gosselin is a nurse by trade, but that career no longer holds any interest for her. Since she wants to pursue fame, fans think that yearning may put her on a journey towards Hollywood.

The twins turned 20 last month. So, with the sextuplets already 16, Kate won’t have any legal restraints regarding the kids much longer. Will this 45-year-old mom who managed to stretch her 15 minutes of fame into 15 years head for Hollywood next? Only ime will tell.

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