‘Kate Gosselin’ Hit With Brutal Truth – She’s Not a Solo Act?

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame didn’t do well when flying solo, which suggests she pulls in more viewers when she’s part of a package deal. The latest news also reveals that Kate’s fame isn’t enough to get her gainful employment these days.

Kate Gosselin – Not Wanted as a Solo Act?

Reports indicate this Kate Plus 8 celeb lived off the money she saved from her previous reality gigs. That is until recently, as the money only lasted for so long and today Kate is still unemployed. Now an insider recently revealed that Kate Gosselin joins the growing number of cash-strapped ex-reality stars.

After her reality show folded as a weekly show, this controversial mother still did some TLC specials under her brand. Then she tried her hand at solo work. The network promoted the show as the mom of eight ready to try her hand at love again. That’s when Kate Plus Date emerged.

But fans didn’t find this show entertaining. No, words like “boring” and “awful,” popped up from fans describing the episodes, according to reports back then. So it seems Kate Gosselin wasn’t the big draw for the viewers who faithfully watched her Jon and Kate Plus 8, then Kate Plus 8 series.

The dating show didn’t make it to a second season. It looks like Kate Gosselin didn’t get much support from fans to bring the show back.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Controversial Reality Star

As far as reality show personalities go, Kate Gosselin might be one of the most controversial ever to grace the screen. It started out fine with Jon & Kate plus 8, that is until Jon decided his kids had enough of their private lives shared on the screen. Then Kate Plus 8 was born out of the reality celeb’s necessity for the limelight, according to Jon.

Jon wanted their eight kids to grow up enjoying a normal childhood. This started a decade of polarizing parents who viciously swatted at each other online. The kids lived with their mom and Jon continued a campaign to stop the filming of his offspring.

Then two of the sextuplets came to live with Jon. First Hannah requested to live with her dad. Then Collin joined Jon after asking his father to bring him home. He made this request after his mother sent him to an institution for a lengthy stay. Jon indicates Collin’s behavior was a problem for his mom. With two of the kids under his roof, the dad of eight finally had some say.

A judge finally banned the filming of the minor kids unless they obtained a work permit. That permit needed the signature of both parents.

But when Kate Gosselin had two of the minor kids filmed for a TLC special, she neglected to get that a permit. She was yanked back into court and this incident reportedly led to TLC firing the mom of eight. She defied a court order, which seems to show evidence that she held fame in high regard.

Kate Plus 8 - Jon Gosselin - Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: Called ‘Awful Human’ by Publicist?

It seems rather obvious that Kate Gosselin’s draw for the audience was her big family when her solo show was a flop.

While the majority of the interest for fans in more recent years wasn’t Kate Gosselin’s TLC affiliation, no, it was the Jon vs. Kate battle. Many fans took Jon Gosselin’s side in their decade-long battle. Fans grew tainted after seeing enough crude behavior from this mother on the air during her reality shows.

According to another report last year, Kate was called an “awful human” by a TLC publicist, who said this during an interview. Apparently, this opinion formed by the unnamed publicist and other co-workers at TLC after working with Kate Gosselin.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

The Price of Fame…

Kate Gosselin was a desperate woman when it came to keeping her fame, according to her ex-husband. She even defied a court order to seek that fame. When she did a show of her own, she quickly learned that the fans weren’t interested in what her future had in store.

It seems the big family of twin girls and sextuplets kept the viewer’s interest. Today she still shops the limelight but so far it doesn’t appear there are any takers. It seems solo isn’t a draw when it comes to the mom of eight.

The latest reports today indicate that Kate Gosselin put the house up for sale where she not only lived but filmed her reality show as well.

To add insult to injury, this mother of eight is reportedly selling the home due to money problems. But the home, that both her and Jon purchased together back in happier times cost them $1.2 million. Today reports put it’s worth at half that price.

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