Kate Gosselin Can’t Sell the House that Fame Built – Now Worth Half Original Price?

Kate Plus 8 celebrity Kate Gosselin apparently couldn’t live off her reality fame money forever, as reports suggest it’s just about gone. This might have prompted Kate Gosselin to put her big house on the market. But now fans want to know why it came off the market so suddenly.

Kate Gosselin; The Kate Plus 8 Celeb Sealed Her Fate

The once-popular reality show with Kate and her eight kids is no more. It sounds as if Kate Gosselin sealed her own fate with that when she went against court orders. Jon Gosselin, her ex and father of her eight kids, didn’t want their minor kids on camera.

He felt they needed to claim some of their childhood after growing up with cameras following them everywhere. This started back in 2007 when Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality show aired on the Discovery Health Channel.

The cameras followed Jon and Kate Gosselin with their famous sextuplets. The couple, who already had twin daughters, welcomed the bundle of six into the family.

This instantly made them a family of eight back in May of 2004. So the show rolled out in 2007 with Kate and Jon raising six 3-year-old kids, along with twins, who were just a few years older. They were only 7-years-old at the time.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Compelled To Seek Out Limelight

Jon Gosselin wanted to quit the limelight and Kate desperately craved the cameras. So, the strain on the marriage became too much. The couple split and for the last decade and a half, the battle continued. Jon wanted the kids to have a normal childhood and their mom wanted them on camera.

Kate Plus 8 was born and those kids entered living rooms across the nation for years. When Jon finally did get some help from the court, banning the minor children from filming, Kate did not oblige.

The judge ordered that the minor children could not film without a work permit signed by both parents. But this mom ignored that and they pulled her back into court after the four of the children in her custody showed up on a TLC special of Kate Plus 8. Not long after that reports indicate TLC pulled her contract for going against that judge’s ruling.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: Money Woes?

Reports today suggest that since her firing, Kate Gosselin has lived off the money she saved from her reality shows. But that only lasts so long. The reality star without a show remains unemployed, so money isn’t coming in. According to those reports, she put her house up for sale due to money problems.

This is the house Kate Gosselin lived in through her reality shows. It is also the house she was awarded in court as a piece of her divorce settlement from Jon Gosselin.

That mansion cost Jon and his then-wife, Kate, $1.2 million. That’s almost $400,000 less than what she recently listed the property for. She listed the property at $815,000, which is exactly $385, 000 less than they paid for the Pennsylvania home.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin

House Worth About Half Original Price?

News today indicates the house is off the market. That followed the news that the house is now valued at almost half of what Kate and Jon paid for it over a decade ago. The estimated worth of Kate Gosselin’s property today is $573,700.

It seems this famous reality mom needs to downsize. Mady and Cara Gosselin, her 19-year-old twin girls, are away at college. Two of the sextuplets live with her ex, Jon. So, Kate has four kids at home with her, just half of her original brood.

This mom of eight is also a nurse. Fans were recently reminded of this when Jon Gosselin slammed her on social media for not stepping up with her skills to help out during the pandemic. Kate doesn’t want to work as a nurse.

According to reports, she wants to pursue a career where she can remain in the spotlight. Shopping a reality show to the different networks is something Kate has experience in. Jon described his ex-wife as relentless when it comes to fame, it’s like tunnel vision with Kate Gosselin.

So, Kate Gosselin attempted to sell the house that fame built. But while she listed it at a $400,000 loss, it’s still too high-priced for today’s estimated value. Reports also indicate she has plans to move out of state with the four minor kids still in her care.

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