‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Free of 10-Year Gag Order – Spills Kate’s Secrets?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin‘s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has been under a court ordered gag order for the past 10 years. So, Jon was unable to speak publicly about Kate. Now the gag order has expired, and Jon is telling some of Kate’s secrets.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Talks About Kate Gosselin’s Parenting Skills

Jon Gosselin never made a secret of his disdain for his Kate Plus 8 ex-wife’s parenting skills. Today Jon continues with allegations against Kate Gosselin but now more details are coming out.

Back in September reports indicated a decade-long contract had expired. That contract required Jon Gosselin to keep many things to himself regarding Kate, his past marriage, and the kids. But since this gag order lifted, Jon shared some alleged details of how he perceives Kate Gosselin putting herself first.

One case in point is Collin Gosselin’s removal from his home. When Collin first left Kate Gosselin’s home she seemed to down-play the facility she put him in as a school. But Jon has since described it as a mental health institution. He describes Collin’s ordeal as a miserable time for his son.

Jon Gosselin claims when their son became an inconvenience for his ex, she committed Collin to this institution. Jon said Collin has ADHD, a common condition diagnosed in kids across the nation today. He also claims this is why this Kate Plus 8 mom put him in the Fairmount Behavioral Health Institute in Philadelphia.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Jon was Blindsided by Kate?

The father of the Gosselin children was unaware at first that his Kate Plus 8 ex-wife committed their son to the institution. Kate Gosselin had full legal custody of the kids at the time.

Kate Gosselin never told her ex-husband she committed their son to the institution. It was a teacher at Collin’s original school who informed Jon Gosselin that his son no longer attended classes. Then Jon alleges that his ex-wife refused to tell him what facility she put him in. So it took money and lawyers in a courtroom for Jon to get that info.

Then he needed to fight for custody of Collin against this star of Kate Plus 8. All this red tape needed to happen before Collin could eventually come home with Jon.

Jon Gosselin has two of the famous Gosselin sextuplets living with him, Collin and Hannah Gosselin. Hannah wanted away from her mother and Jon welcomed her with open arms. But the latest problem to pop up concerns all eight of the Gosselin siblings.

Kate Plus 8: Roadblocks For Sibling Harmony?

It’s important to Jon that Hannah and Collin stay close to their siblings. But he claims their Kate Plus 8 mother presents nothing but roadblocks from that happening.

Recently the famous reality mom filmed her twin 19-year-old girls, Mady and Cara, touring college campuses. This mom and the other kids went on this family excursion. But when she was interviewed by the Kate Plus 8 producers for the show she looked rather sad.

She told the producers that Hannah didn’t want to join the family on this trip. But, Jon Gosselin reports Hannah was unaware of the trip. She never had the chance to say yes or no – he alleges she wasn’t asked.

Despite Jon and Kate Gosselin not seeing eye to eye, he wants his children to stay close as siblings. But he claims this just can’t happen with Kate at the helm of the other six kids.

Parent Bang Heads With Polarized Views

Since their bitter divorce, the estranged Kate Plus 8 matriarch and Jon continue to lock horns when it comes to the kids. This is a “he says – she says” situation between the Kate Plus 8 reality star and her ex-husband. But fans have seen Kate in action on her show. They’ve seen enough of her behavior to draw their own conclusions on her parenting style.

Jon Gosselin offers up details, like his recent allegations of Kate Gosselin being abusive to Collin. When she committed him to that behavioral institution she seldom visited her son.  Jon said, “He was alone for three and a half years with no parents, all alone”. He then added how he felt about what his ex-wife did to their son – “It was inhumane”.

Jon said that besides ADHD (a very common condition) Collin has no other medical condition. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with Collin and he’s pretty average in today’s world.

Fans can remember back to what they’ve seen on Kate Plus 8. Many drew their own conclusions after some of the scenes played out on the TLC show. Jon wanted the television cameras to go away early on after the family first became reality stars.

Jon Gosselin wanted a normal life for his kids and he still does today. But the TV mom planted her feet, she wanted the fame and this eventually caused the demise of their marriage. Today Jon wants his kids to remain close despite who they live with. It sounds like he doesn’t believe she will let that happen.

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