‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Defies Court Order and ‘Misappropriated’ Money?

Kate Plus 8 mom Kate Gosselin makes headlines again this week after she and TLC defied an order from a judge leaving Jon Gosselin furious. Jon Gosselin said he only wants to protect his kids from their mother. But some fans think Kate Gosselin won’t let anything stand in her way of fame and money. She defied a judge’s order that nixed using the kids for her reality show.

The famous Kate Plus 8 mother ignored the court and continued to put her kids on camera. But to add insult to injury, it appears TLC did so as well. Jon Gosselin is upset and he’s talking. In a recent interview, he let the world know this. He also shared in detail just why he’s infuriated over his ex-wife’s treatment of their kids.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Told “No” By Judge

According to reports, Judge Rowley ruled last year that Kate was to keep the kids off-camera. This judge found it was not in the kids’ best interest for them to appear on a reality show. But Kate, along with TLC, apparently ignored that judge, according to Jon Gosselin. According to Jon, her greed got in the way,

Apparently Kate Gosselin and TLC opted to pay the fine instead of pulling the kids out of the show. Jon Gosselin is very descriptive when describing the Kate Plus 8 celeb along with her mothering tactics.

Instead of abiding by the court ruling TLC and Kate Gosselin went ahead and filmed the kids. They did this both at their Pennsylvania home and on location in North Carolina. Jon suggested it’s her “narcissism” and “greed” behind this.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Furious As His Ex Goes Against Ruling

Last week TLC aired a special episode of Kate Plus 8. Jon Gosselin said that TLC and his ex-wife did this despite not having the proper paperwork for the minor kids to film.

To top this off Jon said that it appears the appointed guardian ad litem for the kids fears Kate “misappropriated” some of the money. This guardian couldn’t understand why so much money was spent.

In the meantime, Jon focuses on the two children who live with him, Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin. Both are 15-years-old and part of the famous Gosselin sextuplets, which brought Jon and Kate to fame originally.

Jon has a hard time communicating with the other kids who live with their mother. Apparently he feels that since he has custody of two of the kids Kate used for monetary gain, she sees Jon as a problem.

Kate Plus 8: She’s Not Going to Make it Easy for Jon

Jon feels the star of Kate Plus 8 is not going to make it easy. She doesn’t want the other kids to have a relationship with the man who wants to put a stop to her “cash cow”.

Judge Rowley, who denied Kate Gosselin the authority to put the kids on the show, called the mother of eight out on a few things. Like how she presented the filming aspect to the court. She played it down saying the show simply depicts the kids in their ordinary lives.

The judge jumped on Kate for her attempt to minimize the effect this had on the kids. After she offered up her ordinary life spiel, the judge reminded her how the kids won’t allow their real birthday parties to be filmed.

On Kate Plus 8 they film a fake one about a month before their birthday arrives. This led the judge to believe that the filming took more of a toll on the kids than their mother originally suggested. From what Jon says, it looks like Kate stops short at nothing when it comes to getting her own way with the show. It appears even a judge can’t slow her down.

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