‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Took Discipline Too Far – One Child Still Targeted Today?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin dished out discipline that was too tough for Jon Gosselin. And, it ultimately led to the couple’s divorce. The famous reality star dad couldn’t deal with his children the way Kate Gosselin did. Still, the Kate Plus 8 mom has a tendency even now to take a harsh stance. This leaves one of the kids estranged from his mother, brothers, and sisters today, according to Jon.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Bans Visits to Brother?

Recent reports indicate that the 44-year-old Kate Plus 8 matriarch banned the other kids from seeing their brother Collin Gosselin. Collin is one of the sextuplets. Collin is also the son that this famous TLC reality show mom placed in an institution.

He remained there for a few years due to what she claims were behavior issues. But, Jon fought to get him out of that place and back at home with him. So, it may seem odd to some Kate Plus 8 followers that all this comes out now. Especially since a decade has gone by since the two were married.

But, Jon was under a gag order for the last 10 years. So, it expired late last year. So, the dad from Jon & Kate Plus 8 opened the flood gates right away. It seems he hasn’t stopped since. Jon claims his ex won’t allow Collin any interaction with his siblings. But, he didn’t offer details as to why.

Now, both Collin and Hannah Gosselin live with Jon. The celebrity mom allows Hannah to see her siblings, but not Collin. So, it doesn’t seem that them living with their dad is the reason behind this brotherly ban.

Polarized Parenting and Discipline Differences

Hannah and Collin’s other four sextuplet siblings, Aaden, Joel, Leah, and Alexis still live with Kate Gosselin. They’re now 15 years old. Twins Cara Gosselin and Madelyn Gosselin, 19, live away at college. The sextuplets will soon turn 16 and Jon hopes this opens up a new world for the Kate Plus 8 kids that the entire nation watched grow up.

Jon explains that he’s big on letting the kids figure things out for themselves. He wants to build a foundation for them so when they go out into the world on their own, they take those skills with them. He wants them to know how to navigate the world as adults.

Jon claims Kate Gosselin manages everything for their kids. He said on a recent podcast that his Kate Plus 8 ex-wife controls every little thing about the children. This isn’t Jon’s approach to parenting.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin - Collin Gosselin - Hannah Gosselin

Kate Plus 8: Soon Kids in Driver’s Seat

With the sextuplets turning 16 in May, Jon hopes their driver’s licenses offer the kids the freedom to visit. Because, Jon feels their Kate Plus 8 parent can’t stop them from meeting up after school or going places together with their other siblings.

Then, in two more years when they turn 18, he hopes the kids spend time with each other no matter what Kate says. Right now, the kids have a Guardian Ad Litem acting as their voice for future court proceedings.

Jon’s also trying to get all the kids in counseling to reunite back together as siblings. The TV show is over and done with. Because, TLC severed ties with Kate Gosselin. They ended their contract with the reality celeb after she went against a judge’s order and put her minor kids on TV once again.

That was when the celebrity mom filmed a Kate Plus 8 special as the twins visited college campuses. She took the four sextuplets who live with her along. And, Kate Gosselin allowed the filming of the minor kids for that special.

This broke the judge’s order banning Kate from filming without both parents signing off. Despite Jon never signing a permit, Kate put them on that special. On top of it, Kate Gosselin never asked the two kids who live with their father to go for this family event, according to Jon Gosselin.

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