‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Takes Hannah and Collin on Epic Family Vacation after Blasting Kate on TV

Kate Plus 8 alum Jon Gosselin is taking a much-needed family vacation. Jon’s children, Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin, are about to head south for fun in the sun with their dad. This tropical escape comes just days after Jon slammed his ex-wife Kate Gosselin while appearing on the Dr Oz Show. In the interview, Jon paints a very unflattering portrait of his ex-wife. He goes as far as to call her “unfit”. However, during this interview, Jon shared the trip he has planned with his two children. No doubt after unloading all that family baggage he and the kids certainly need some time away to decompress.

Jon Gosselin along with the two children he has custody take off for someplace warm to spend quality time as a family over the extended Thanksgiving holiday. This is the first such trip the former Kate Plus 8  father is taking with these two kids. Also joining Jon, Hannah and Collin are Jon’s long-time girlfriend Colleen Conrad and her two children. Here’s what we know about the Gosselins “blended-family” vacation.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin’s First Trip With Hannah & Collin

The Kate Plus 8  celeb Jon Gosselin is super excited to spend time building memories with the only kids he has sole custody of. The father of 8 doesn’t have much of a relationship with his twin daughters Madelyn and Cara or the other 4 of the sextuplets, Leah, Alexis, Joel, and Aaden in large part due to Kate’s influence. So no doubt having this amazing opportunity to take this family vacation with the children he’s raising solo mean the world to this proud dad.

This is Jon’s first vacation with his Kate Plus 8 kids since he’s been awarded full custody of them. Certainly, this will be the first of many such adventures they will experience together. Hopefully, in the future, Jon Gosselin’s other children will choose to join their father and siblings.

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Collin & Hannah Get Passports

The Gosselin and Conrads will spend the holiday in St Croix, The US Virgin Islands. Kate Plus 8  siblings Hannah and Collin received passports for the trip their dad planned for them. The island is a U.S. territory, so a passport isn’t required for the children, but it’s the easiest document to carry when traveling.

Certainly, the Caribbean vacation is a welcomed treat to escape the cold dreary weather in their native Pennsylvania. Jon Gosselin excitedly shared pics online documenting the adventure. First, he posted a selfie of himself with the two kids on the plane en route to St Croix. Also in the post were several snaps of the resort and an additional selfie of just himself.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Considers Colleen Conrad and Her Kids Family

Colleen Conrad and Kate Plus 8‘s Jon Gosselin have been an official couple for just over five years. The couple certainly appears headed towards marriage. They currently live together and have been since very early on in their relationship. So it’s no surprise this couple has checked off all the relationships box milestones. They have traveled together, attending major events together, and met each other’s kids and families. The fact that they are living together, in essence, makes Colleen a pseudo stepmom to Jon’s kids.

So, it comes as no surprise that Jon thinks of Colleen Conrad and her two adult children (Jordan and Jesse) as family. Jon and Colleen have known each other since childhood. A marriage between these two besties seems inevitable in the near future. It’s great to see Jon rebuild his life off-camera and lead a pretty normal life following his stint on a popular reality TV show.

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