‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon and Kate Gosselin Kids Rescued but Damage Already Done

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin have eight kids together who have been the center of their parent’s battle for years. This toxic relationship between Kate and Jon played out in the headlines for the last decade.

But it seems this battle did more damage on the home-front with the kids than the Kate Plus 8 followers first realized. Now, something new is in place so the kids no longer need to navigate between their polarized parents.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin & Kate Gosselin’s Battle Scars

Jon Gosselin’s battle has always been about the eight kids. His Kate Plus 8 ex-wife insisted on cameras infiltrating their lives in the form of one reality show or another. Jon Gosselin’s battle boiled down to one thing. It’s not fame, not money – just the kids.

The ex-husband of Kate Gosselin wants nothing more than a normal life for his kids. But this is a life without a film crew in tow so it didn’t fit in with this famous mom’s plans. This started a long and drawn-out public battle and Jon recently shared what those battle scars look like for the kids.

As of now, it seems Kate Gosselin blew any chance she had to reboot her Kate Plus 8 fame with another TLC show or special. It sounds as if she pushed her way through one too many times. Now it appears it finally caught up with her.

Very few repercussions fell her way with her past defiance of Jon’s wishes to keep the kids off the screen. But this time she went against a judge’s wishes in the form of a court order. Reports indicate this caused TLC to severe their ties with Kate Gosselin.

Desperation for Fame

Recently Kate Gosselin demonstrated her desperation for fame. Her behaviors acted like evidence for Jon’s claim about her obsession with the limelight over the years. Cara Gosselin and Madelyn Gosselin, the couple’s 18-year-old twins, starred in a Kate Plus 8 special.

The cameras followed as the twins shopped college campuses. But Kate made this a family trip with the twins and four of the sextuplets. The famous mom took Joel Gosselin, Alexis Gosselin, Leah Gosselin, and Aaden Gosselin along with her. Collin Gosselin and, Hannah Gosselin, who live with Jon, didn’t receive an invite for that trip, according to their dad.

When Kate allowed the TLC cameras to film her younger kids on that trip, the Kate Plus 8 mom broke a judge’s order. It was fine for the twins to appear in the special, as they are now adults in the eyes of the law.

But she went against a judge’s order when she allowed four of the 15-year-old sextuplets on camera. This seemed to offer evidence to Jon’s claim that Kate’s obsessed with reality fame. She went ahead with filming the kids despite a legal order not to. But this time it blew up in her face. TLC canceled her contracts.

Kate Plus 8: Rescue Details Surfaces

Jon Gosselin says the Kate Plus 8 mother became driven by TV fame. This was what he told the courts when battling for custody of his kids. During a recent interview, Jon said the children didn’t walk away unscathed by this. He said the estrangement of the parents also became the estrangement of the kids.

He wasn’t talking about the estrangement between the kids and parents. No, he revealed the kids are estranged from each other. The result of this battle did a number on the siblings’ relationships with each other.

The two kids, Collin and Hannah, who live with Jon Gosselin are basically estranged from their other siblings. Collin hasn’t seen his mother, Kate Gosselin, or his six siblings who live with her for a very long time.

Jon Gosselin Spent a Small Fortune for Custody

Jon Gosselin spent around $1.3 million for custody of his children. The court-appointed a guardian ad litem for the kids, which is an outside person who speaks for minors in the court system. Jon finds this very comforting for his children who no longer have to navigate around their parents.

Probably the biggest part of this rescue comes from the two attorneys representing Jon Gosselin and his ex-wife. They’ve come to an agreement. The minor children can now decide for themselves which parent they want to live with.

Sadly, the battle of Kate and Jon Gosselin already did some damage, but now with a caring father things may get better. But going forward, the kids now have a voice of their own with a guardian ad litem.

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