Kate Gosselin: Family Brawl at Thanksgiving Revealed by ‘Plus 8’ Daughter

Kate Gosselin recently gushed over the lovely holiday she had but her daughter reports Thanksgiving dinner came along with a family fight. It also sounds like a case of real-life imitating art after what Mady Gosselin reports about this year’s holiday for the Kate Plus 8 celebrity mom.

Kate Gosselin: More Than Turkey At The Table

When the series Kate Plus 8 and its predecessor, Jon & Kate Plus 8, graced the screen, family harmony seemed almost extinct. But now with Kate fired from TLC, cameras don’t follow her around anymore. That leaves just what Kate Gosselin or another family member reports for news coming from within the ranks.

So when Kate thanked her kids for doing the Thanksgiving dinner prep right through to the dishes, that sounded wonderful. But according to Mady, something else popped up between the turkey and all the trimmings.

Veteran fans of Kate Gosselin’s previous TLC series remember the turmoil and shouting matches as the cameras rolled. But today only this famous mom and her kids’ reports are all fans have to go-on. So when Mady popped up with a little ditty of a Thanksgiving ruckus, fans took notice.

Mady Gosselin: Thanksgiving Fight

Mady Gosselin Lets It Roll

Mady Gosselin prepared to film a mock fight, imitating the Gossip Girls’ famous Thanksgiving scene. But no imitation needed to take place, according to Mady, who is one of Kate Gosselin’s 19-year-old twins.

Mady said she didn’t have to arrange for her family to play out the scene. That’s because a fight broke out in real-life at the Kate Plus 8 famous house. This home was recently sold, so this is the last Thanksgiving dinner at the house.

After the many arguments that played out between those four walls, it seems ironic that Mady planned a fight scene for their last Thanksgiving holiday. Although it appears that it’s even more ironic that one broke out all by itself without any prompting from Mady.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: They Go Out With a Bang?

What this Kate Plus 8 family fought about is not mentioned. Mady fell short of sharing the details. So, fans don’t know if the incident is worthy to include in one of the many iconic blowouts by Kate Gosselin or her kids.

Whatever happened, Mady reports, all is well now. It sounds as if the real-life fight scene only lasted a short while. But it struck Mady as odd because she planned a mock fight and leave it to her family to offer up the real thing.

With the family home sold and the last holiday turkey on the table, maybe tempers rose. So far, only Hannah Gosselin’s reaction to Kate selling the house made it to the headlines. She’s upset because her mother never called to tell her the house was on the market.

This famous reality star mom had six of their eight kids at home for the holiday. Two of the Gosselin sextuplets,16, live with their dad Jon Gosselin, Hannah, and Collin.

The other four sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah, live with Kate. The Gosselin 19-year-old twins, Mady and Cara live with their mom as well when they are not away at college.

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