Kate Gosselin Ready to Laugh All the Way to the Bank despite Naysayers?

Kate Plus 8 iconic star Kate Gosselin looks to be sitting pretty today even though recent reports don’t paint that picture for her. While she’s probably one of the most criticized reality stars to date, it seems she got the last laugh. She’ll probably chuckle all the way to the bank despite the latest news to surface.

Kate Gosselin – Kate Plus 8 Star Works Her Fame

Kate Gosselin’s fame stems from her huge brood. She’s the famous mom of sextuplets and a set of twins. Years ago, as a happy family, Jon & Kate Plus 8 was born, and it quickly shot to the top of primetime favorites.

Then a divorce created the next round of reality episodes under the new title Kate Plus 8. But Jon Gosselin stayed in the headlines for the next 10 years, affiliated with Kate. Despite their divorce, they went after each other rather brutally at times via social media.

Die-hard fans of Kate Gosselin’s kids watched the siblings grow up in front of the cameras. But it was the off-camera stuff that kept them coming back to social media to follow the polarized parents.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Mom of Eight Out of Money?

Reports earlier this week had Kate Gosselin digging into an empty cookie jar. She hadn’t worked in a while since TLC booted her from their network. So, she put her big house on the market. Or so the story goes.

First reports said she started at a cut-rate price. She supposedly listed it a few hundred thousand under what she and Jon Gosselin paid 12 years ago. Then reports said it came off the market. Plus, they also alleged that the mansion was valued at half the original price.

So, Kate Gosselin fans and critics alike chimed in, saying the former reality star was in dire straights. But things changed quickly, per the latest reports.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin Looking at a Cool Million Plus

Reports indicate that Jon and Kate Gosselin purchased the Wernersville, Pennsylvania, mansion for $1.1 million in 2008. Today the mom of eight listed the family’s home for $1,299,990.

That’s not too much of an investment return on real estate. It seems you’d expect the property to appreciate a lot more than what she has it listed for. After all, the mom of eight owned it for more than a decade. But after all the reports last week, it looks like Kate Gosselin has a reason to smile.

While her critics seemed to enjoy the report that put her losing a ton of money on the home, Kate can now laugh all the way to the bank. She’s listed it for more than what she purchased it for, so that’s something. The famous multiple mom might not get her asking price.

But the fact that a reality show filmed in that home for many years might be an added enticement for a sale. Or… for those who saw this mom in action, they might find it left a bitter taste for the dwelling. Kate did a lot of yelling and screaming in that house. Depending upon how much she nets, this may determine whether Kate Gosselin laughs or drags herself to the bank with a sale.

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