‘Kate Plus Date’: Jon Gosselin Doubts Kate Can Find Love on New Show

Kate Plus Date might be a new show and a new way for Kate Gosselin to find true love but that’s probably not going to happen, according to Jon Gosselin. Kate’s ex-husband doesn’t think Kate will have any luck finding a partner on her new show. The former Kate Plus 8 and Jon and Kate Plus 8 star, Kate Gosselin, invited the cameras into her life once again.

Kate Plus Date: No Love for Kate Gosselin Predicts Ex

You might think that if anyone would know about Kate Gosselin and the possibility that she’ll find love it would be her ex. But Jon Gosselin isn’t picking on Kate specifically. He doesn’t believe she will find love while embarking on this new Kate Plus Date show for one very good reason.

Jon Gosselin believes love needs to happen organically, which is something he knows a little bit about these days. The father of eight kids recently revealed he’s talked about marriage with his girlfriend of the past four years, Colleen Conrad.

Jon Gosselin Knows a Little Bit About Love

Jon Gosselin wouldn’t give up any details when asked when he’ll pop the question. What he did say was to keep an eye on his Instagram account. Jon’s known for keeping his fans up to date on that social media site.

As far as Kate Gosselin goes, she has a tendency for having a comfort level with cameras following her around that Jon never did. From what Us Weekly had to say, it didn’t sound like Jon was being snarky when he doubted his ex-wife’s ability to find love via a dating show. Kate Plus Date is just one more show that will probably fail in that departmen, Jon seemed to suggest.

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Falling in Love With Camera’s Rolling – Not Good Idea

Jon doubts anyone’s ability to fall in love under the circumstances of a dating show. Kate Plus Date won’t offer a natural setting when it comes to finding true love. He believes love just happens, it can’t be semi-scripted. When you think about the lack of successful happily-ever-after stories emerging from the Bachelor franchise of shows, Jon might have a point.

According to the Insider, the Bachelor/Bachelorette boasts “nearly 36 seasons” but the shocker in all of this is there’s not much lasting love found on these shows. “The majority of stars aren’t with the winner they fell in love with over the course of a short few months,” Insider reports.

Jon Refuses To Allow His Children on Kate’s Show

As far as Kate Plus Date is concerned, there’s no date set for the premiere of the show. Jon was quick to add that he wouldn’t sign the work release so his children could be on the show.

Jon Gosselin was adamant about not allowing his kids on Kate Plus Date show. This includes his twin girls Cara and Mady, along with the famous Gosselin sextuplets.

Four of the sextuplets live with Kate – Aaden, Alexis, Joel, and Leah. They won’t appear in what is being called Kate’s docuseries. Jon Gosselin has full custody of Hannah and Collin. These two siblings from the sextuplets also won’t be seen while sheflaunts her dates. When approached for permission for his kids to appear on her show, Jon clearly stated – “No I’m not signing that.”

Kate Plus Date – Have At It – All Alone

It looks like Kate Plus Date will be just what the title advertises. The show has only Kate Gosselin and a date. That’s because Jon won’t allow his kids to start filming a reality show again. Jon also said that he and his ex-wife are not on speaking terms.

This famous reality dad never liked the idea of the cameras documenting all aspects of his kids’ lives. With that said, it looks like he’s still standing firm on that today.

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