‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Says Cameras Her Safety Device When Dating Strangers

Kate Plus 8’s Kate Gosselin is filming a dating show. Fans will soon have Kate Plus Date to watch as she stars in her very own TLC dating show. Now that the mom of eight gets ready for dating again, cameras will follow her every move. Hopefully, that’s enticing to some men out there. Whether your date is good, bad, or even somewhat ugly – if it’s with Kate Gosselin it could end up on TV.

So why is Kate doing this venue now? It seems her kids are worried about her being alone as she grows older so she is taking on dating. Not just any run-of-the-mill dating, but with cameras rolling. This is something Kate can’t seem to get enough of – the cameras.

Now Kate Plus Date as Kate Gosselin Dates on Camera?

It seems that her preoccupation with fame was one of the reasons Kate and Jon Gosselin divorced. The Gosselin couple has sextuplets and twins, which originally brought them TV fame. Watching Kate and Jon raise eight kids mesmerized the nation’s attention years back. Their show, Jon and Kate Plus 8 got reduced to Kate Plus 8 once the two decided to divorce.

Jon was tired of the TV cameras infiltrating his children’s lives as well as his own. TLC was very invested in keeping Jon on board through their divorce proceedings. When Jon said he had enough, well he seemed to mean it.

He wanted the cameras gone out of his life. Still, the pressures of such a large family and Kate’s enthusiasm for sharing their lives openly with the world played a big part in ending the couple’s marriage.

Kate Gosselin Puts Safety First – Love Secondary?

Kate Gosselin went on without Jon for the show Kate Plus 8 along with her eight kids. Then Collin needed extra help in areas still not revealed to the public. She sent him away to a facility for that help. Hannah, one of the sextuplets, wanted to live with her dad, so Jon fought for custody and won. As of now, it’s Kate plus six kids at home and she claims they are pushing mom into the dating world.

If you listen to the way Kate Gosselin explains her reason for dating with cameras rolling, you’d believe it’s for her safety. Kate says that she’s not interested in dating strangers which would happen if she found a date online. She can’t imagine dating any safer than if she has a camera crew along. Apparently, she’s going under the motto these days – “there’s safety in numbers.”

Kate Plus Date – Will Kate’s New Man Need to Like Cameras?

Kate has an idea of the type of guy she wants. It sounds like ideally, he should travel for work because she is used to being without a partner. So alone time won’t bother her.  She wants someone who has their career path all planned out. Kate also wants a man who has interests of his own – as well as shared interests with her.

There’s no doubt about it, the perfect man for Kate is going to need to love the cameras. It sounds like she doesn’t have any intentions of backing away from the limelight anytime soon.

Kate Plus 8:: Reality TV is in her DNA – Some Might Say

It looks like Kate plans to include her family in this show as well. The sextuplets are now 14 and her twin girls are seniors in high school at 18-years-old.

Kate’s shopped for other shows in the past to no avail. Besides a gig on Dancing with the Stars and a few other venues, it was the TLC reality shows with her kids that generated most of her fame.

Jon Gosselin Living the Quite Life

It looks like Kate’s aiming for the spotlight once again, much unlike her ex-husband. Jon Gosselin’s living a rather quiet life with his girlfriend of the past few years. She’s a nurse practitioner who Jon has known most of his life, Colleen Conrad. They started dating back in 2015.

With his daughter Hannah living with him already, Jon is now going for full custody of Collin. He wants his son out of the facility he is living in. Collin spent some time at home with Jon and Hannah recently.

Kate Plus Date – Jon Claims ex-wife Looks as Kids as Income

Collin didn’t want to go back, but Jon’s hands are tied. Kate wants him there for reasons unknown to the public. Again, fans of the Gosselin family aren’t privy to the reasons Collin was sent to live there in the first place.

Jon says the one and only reason Kate Gosselin doesn’t want him to have custody of any of the kids is that he won’t let the kids film. He believes living their lives like an open book did nothing good for the kids. He claims the children are her income.

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