‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Claims Her ‘Absolute Truth’ Festers – Jon Dubs Her ‘Twisted’ Victim

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin is often seen as a villain in her soap-opera-like life while many fans consider Jon Gosselin the victim. But this time around the Gosselin Patriarch puts Kate as the victim and a very “twisted” one at that.

It seems the Kate Plus 8 mom has a steadfast rule when it comes to Jon Gosselin. She refuses to respond to Jon’s “delusional ramblings” said the mom of eight in a recent interview.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Sees Kate Gosselin as Woman Twisted By Fame

Kate Plus 8 fans don’t need to hear the back and forth banter of Jon and his ex-wife to know there’s no love lost between the two. Even though they’ve been apart for close to a decade, their sextuplets and twins bind them together forever. Especially when their polarized views on the upbringing of their kids’ fuel anger.

Jon’s made no secret of his disdain over the way he sees Kate Gosselin use their children. In a recent interview with Doctor Oz, Jon painted his ex as a woman twisted by fame.

Jon described how in the beginning his wife had good intentions for the Kate Plus 8 kids. He somewhat defends his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, by saying how she “fought to have these kids”.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Without Fame a Split Was Inevitable

Before Kate Gosselin became a mother, she had a battle on her hands. This mom’s fight started just to bring their children into the world. But when money and notoriety came into play, it became all about her, suggests Jon.

Although Jon Gosselin did add that he feels even if the fame never entered their lives, their personalities would eventually pull them apart.

Jon Gosselin claims it was the belief system of Kate Gosselin that became “skewed” once the money rolled in and people recognized her on the street. Jon claims his battle has always been about the same thing.

That’s to get his Kate Plus 8 kids out of the spotlight and let them live like normal kids. But that wasn’t going to happen as far as this TV mom was concerned. She needed them for this mother of eight kids gig and that’s what she was going to do, suggests the father of eight.

He wanted custody of the kids because he loves them and wanted to keep them off the TV. Kate Gosselin, on the other hand, wanted custody as a way to “sustain her lifestyle and their lifestyle,” Jon Gosselin said.

Kate Plus 8: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth According to Kate Gosselin

Jon compared this Kate Plus 8 mom’s need for fame similar to that of drug addiction. She just wants more and more of it. Fame put her on a pedestal and apparently she’s not willing to step down, from what Jon conveys. The Kate Plus 8 matriarch even incorporated her kids on her dating show which seemed to fizzle out.

Jon Gosselin has custody of two of the sextuplets who wanted to live with their dad. While Kate Gosselin has custody of the other four sextuplets and their college-age twins.

Apparently Kate Gosselin is just about ready to tell her side of the “absolute truth” about their family. She claimed during her recent interview with a magazine that someday “soon” she will offer up the real truth of the matter. It sounds as if her side of the story is just festering and getting ready to surface.

She said that she’s actually looking forward to telling the truth and making sure it is known. But until then, she refuses to respond to Jon Gosselin’s accusations.

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