‘Kate Plus 8’: Kate Gosselin Spins Bizarre Party after Collin Replaces His Mom?

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin wasn’t the mother Collin Gosselin gushed about in a recent post, so it looks like she attempts damage control. Kate posted how she went above and beyond for her sextuplets on their 16th birthday.

The mom of eight picked up 21 kinds of junk cereal for her sextuplets. She explained how she got carried away with the kids’ request for a “birthday lunch”. The former TLC star posted this tidbit on social media but it sounded a little off to the fans.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin Offers Fantasy Birthday?

If fans didn’t know better, they’d swear the Kate Plus 8 long-time star had all six her 16-year-olds with her. But she doesn’t. Yet the fans point out that she shares this post like she played mom to all six on their birthday.

Kate Gosselin broke her social media silence as the sextuplets turned 16. Jon Gosselin also posted a birthday wish to all six of the kids. But there’s no mistaking where he’s coming from. While Jon has only two of the six kids with him, he made sure to address his post that way.

Fans pointed out Kate Gosselin’s ship has sailed for any chance of her becoming a Kool-Aid mom. Followers of this mom of eight express online how the 21 boxes of junk cereal don’t cut it.

The fans point out how the sudden appearance of sugar-loaded breakfast won’t make up for the past. Kate Plus 8 viewers are well aware of what the kids went through with Kate Gosselin at the family helm.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin


Collin Gosselin Glowing Mother’s Day Tribute Not For Kate Gosselin

Kate suddenly sounds like she has all the kids under her roof. But this might have something to do with a post by Collin Gosselin. The young man reportedly still harbors some anger for his mom. She institutionalized this son for a few years. Collin Gosselin gave Jon Gosselin’s long-time girlfriend a Mother’s Day shout out instead of his Kate Plus 8 mother.

Did Collin Gosselin hit a cord that made the Kate Plus 8 matriarch surface on social media once again? Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Kate’s post suddenly sounds like something the mother of the year might write. Kate writes that she got a bit “carried away as usual” when the kids asked for something.

So, in that one sentence, it seems this celebrity mother sizes herself up as a mom who goes above and beyond when attempting to fulfill the wishes of her kids. The Kate Plus 8 household consists of only four of the sextuplets. Kate Gosselin’s place is also home to her 19-year-old twins, Cara Gosselin and Mady Gosselin. But they are away at college most of the time.

Jon Gosselin has full custody of Hannah Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, two of the sextuplets. The other four, Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah Gosselin live with their mom. They were also the kids who ate a junk cereal lunch, as their mom calls it.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin

Kate Plus 8: Mom of Eight Painted a Kool-Aid Mom Picture

When Jon posted his happy birthday wishes for the kids, he didn’t spin anything that would leave the fans guessing. He tells the four children who Iive with Kate that he misses them. But instead of painting a realistic picture, the Kate Plus 8 reality star mother sounds like she served all six kids a birthday lunch filled with sugar.

This break of silence for the TLC reality show star comes after Collin’s now-deleted Mother’s Day message for Jon’s girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. Collin wrote how there’s much more to being a mom than supplying clothes and food.

His idea of a mother-figure is someone who is there to talk to and listen. He then sends his mother figure, Colleen, his happy Mother’s Day wishes.

Headlines had Collin “dissing” and throwing “shade” on his Kate Plus 8 biological mother with his tribute to Colleen. Did this rattle Kate enough to spin what some fans see as a misleading post?

While the kids who live with the celebrity mom enjoyed the benefits of sugar for their birthday lunch, Collin and Hannah did not. Still, it sounds like she pumped all six kids up with “junk cereal for their birthday. With brand-name cereal going for around $4-$5 a box today. So if you do the math, that birthday lunch probably set her back about $100.

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