‘Kate Plus 8’: Fans Wonder if Collin Gosselin Is Back Home as Jon Files for Custody

Kate Plus 8 fans have been wondering about Collin Gosselin for a while now. It looks like he might be with his dad Jon Gosselin for a bit. Sources are even saying that Jon wants to get custody of his son from Kate Gosselin. It has been a long time since Collin has lived at home and not been in a home for his anger management.

Where has Kate Plus 8 child Collin Gosselin been the last few years?

Collin Gosselin was put in a home by Kate Gosselin to help with his anger issues several years ago. At first, Jon Gosselin said that he had some issues being able to even find out where his son was located. Luckily, these two have been around each other lately.

Kate Gosselin never really shared much about why Collin was there. He hasn’t been on the show at all anymore. She has mentioned him being gone, though.

Jon Gosselin files for custody

Now, Radar Online is sharing that they got exclusive documents showing that Jon has filed papers for full legal and physical custody of the teen. Pennsylvania court documents show that this was all filed back on October 24. He has made it clear that he has been visiting his son by sharing pictures of them together on social networks. In these papers, Jon said that his son Collin of Kate Plus 8 would be better off living with him when he leaves this treatment center.

Jon has custody of his daughter Hannah now. She is the only child that has been living with him. Jon Gosselin revealed that she had been living with him and was going to a new school now. You know that Kate won’t be happy if he ends up having two of the kids living with him.

Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin is with Jon saying he is “home”

Today, Jon Gosselin made a post on his Instagram that really has the fans wondering what is going on. He posted a picture of Collin getting his haircut. The star from Kate Plus 8 is looking snazzy, but the caption is what has everyone wanting details. Check it out yourself below.

As you can see, Jon says that he is welcoming Collin home. So does that mean he is living with him now? He didn’t explain exactly. Yesterday, he said that they had a good weekend visit with Collin. It sounds like maybe Collin gets to stay with him some of the time, but isn’t living there full-time. If Jon gets his way in court, then Collin will be there all the time.

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