‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Reveals Too Much about Kids in Slam at Kate Gosselin?

Kate Plus 8 celeb Kate Gosselin has Jon Gosselin so furious that it looks like he revealed something that he probably shouldn’t have shared. The former star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 continued to paint his ex-wife as an unfit mother during a visit on the Doctor Oz Show.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Couldn’t See Beyond Kate Gosselin?

While Jon Gosselin attempted to make a point about his Kate Plus 8 ex, he brought up something about his 15-year-old sextuplets. This information is probably the last thing kids want to hear about themselves. Nevermind wanting anyone else knowing, like their school friends.

When Jon shared this on national TV, he probably didn’t stop to think about any repercussions for his kids. But the six 15-year-old kids are all in school, a place where most kids would rather blend in than be pointed out. Jon Gosselin wanted to keep the kids off Kate Plus 8 for that very reason. He wanted them to live like normal kids.

But it sounds like in the heat and anger of things he shared something with Doctor Oz that could embarrass his sextuplets. Jon Gosselin is so adamant that his kids not be singled out because they’re TV celebs. He shields them from Kate Plus 8 fame, yet it looks like he let this slip to make a point.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

What did He Say About the Kids?

First Jon started out by slamming Kate as an “abusive” mother. He said she’s both physically and mentally abusive to his kids. The couple has eight children including 19-year-old twin girls, Cara and Madelyn. Then, of course, the 15-year-old sextuplets, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah, and Hannah.

Jon said that there’s a “lot of stuff” that went on “abuse-wise” which was both “mental and physical”. He addressed the sextuplets while talking to Doctor Oz. The Kate Plus 8 father said that his children are now 15, but the are more like 12 mentally. That probably wasn’t something his kids want to hear about themselves.

Sure, Jon is the concerned dad fighting this battle to keep his kids in a normal environment. But constantly bringing up the names of the children seems to work against what he’s attempting to do. After all, his aim is to keep them out of the spotlight. While most fans seem to agree with Jon Gosselin’s descriptions of the Kate Plus 8 star and her mothering tactics, the slamming of Kate still keeps the kids in the headlines.

But the kids are not little anymore, the sextuplets are 15 and in school with classmates. Probably like any other kid this age, they have online access. This means they can dig up this clip and watch their dad with Doctor Oz. At the same time, so can their friends.

It looks like Jon may have unintentionally done the same thing he shames Kate for doing. Putting a spotlight on the kids. Other parents don’t usually go on TV and talk about their kids’ functioning level. But by saying they might be like mentally 12,  Jon may have handed over some ammunition for teasing at school for the youngest Kate Plus 8 reality stars.

Kate Plus 8: Did Jon Make a Mistake During His Attempt to Shame Kate Gosselin?

Jon also told the audience that he believes Kate Gosselin suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder. The signs of this disorder include the person having an intense sense of self-worth, according to the experts.

While Jon Gosselin believes his ex from Kate Plus 8 started out with good intentions, fame got in her way. He did say Kate wanted to be a good mother when first having the kids. This irate dad claims fame skewed the Kate Plus 8 mother’s belief system.

Jon turned down a fortune and lived with a decade-long gag order just to get away from filming this show. He claims Kate Gosselin was hooked and still is. He sees the Kate Plus 8 matriarch cling to reality show fame.

Jon said that once the kids get older and talk about their mom, people will hear their side. He believes their childhood was basically stolen from them for their mom’s need to be famous.

Now it seems Jon Gosselin might be unintentionally crossing the line on revealing info about the kids. But is his battle different? He wants to save the kids from notoriety. He describes what sounds like a miserable life for the children at the hands of the Kate Plus 8 celebrity.

Kate Gosselin uses the kids as a means to keep her fame, suggests the patriarch of the Gosselin clan. But either way, some fans think that maybe it’s time for both parents to stop talking about the Gosselin kids in public.

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