Jon Gosselin’s Cringeworthy Reveal Suggests Kate in More Trouble?

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8 fame doesn’t seem to need a publicist as her ex, Jon Gosselin, keeps her in the headlines frequently. Despite their divorce a decade ago, the couple’s back and forth banter continues today.

The story of their demise starts with Jon, who wanted out of the reality show business for the entire family but especially for their eight kids. Then there was Kate Gosselin who stood her ground.

Kate Gosselin: Demise of a Reality Star In a Nutshell

Kate Gosselin and her husband Jon gained fame when their sextuplets were born. This mom forged ahead to a path of fame. Kate Gosselin went from Jon & Kate Plus 8 to Kate Plus 8 after the couple divorced.

The battle continued through the years with Jon wanting his kids away from the cameras and Kate Gosselin not following his wishes. Then when Jon finally obtained a court order to keep the kids off the screen, Kate went against it. Headlines blared about this last year when Kate was found in contempt of a judge’s order.

Shortly after that, TLC severed ties with Kate Gosselin. While Kate Plus 8 was off the air by then, she still did specials for the network periodically. But that’s all ended now as far as the TV screen goes. Still, the world follows both Jon and Kate Gosselin as they continue to air their dirty laundry in public today.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin Reveals Latest Dirty Laundry

Today the Kate Gosselin lambasting continues as she whips the family home right out from under the kids, or so suggest Jon Gosselin. The house the kids grew up in is on the market. Kate is the sole owner of the home, which she got in her divorce settlement.

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With the Gosselin 19-year-old twins off at college and only four of the sextuplets at home, downsizing sounds like the thing to do for Kate. Reports also indicate possible financial problems followed her ousting from TLC. So, it’s not unheard of that a single mom would downsize and sell her McMansion.

But when Jon Gosselin appeared on the Dr. Oz Show this week he said that Hannah Gosselin, who lives with him, recently became upset. Mostly because she felt blindsided when she heard about her mom putting their house on the market. Kate never called her daughter to say she planned to sell the home.

Jon said his ex never called their daughter Hannah to ask her if there’s anything of hers that she wanted from the house. Or even just to tell her the house was for sale. It sounds like he believes his ex owed their daughter that conversation.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: Only 1.5 Hours of Contact With Collin in Last Five Years

Jon Gosselin appeared on Dr. Oz this week. He came ready to talk about the allegations Collin made on social media about his father abusing him. Pennsylvania’s Berks County Children & Youth Services Agency cleared Jon of all the charges made by Collin. They called the claims “unfounded”.

But this father of eight suggested why his son needs some extra attention from him. This dad explained what this young man has been through before coming to live with his father.

Jon Gosselin claims Collin only had 1.5 hours of contact with Kate Gosselin in the last several years. Jon explained he’s working with Collin after he basically had his childhood stolen from him.

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The dad of eight also claimed how the institution, where Kate Gosselin committed their son, did not continue with his education. Jon tells Dr. Oz that this is against the law and Kate might be in trouble for this as well.

Jon Playing Catchup

Jon said he’s trying to play catchup with Collin after losing three years of his life in that institution without schooling. But he’s happy to report he’s doing excellent in school and achieving top grades.

Now that the sextuplets are going on 17, he told his kids if they want to tell their own story to the public because their lives have been so public, he’ll support them in doing so. Whether they will do this or not – well, only time will tell.

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