Jon Gosselin Nightmares Come True as Reality Slithers in for His Kids

Jon Gosselin worried after he hit celebrity status about what the future would bring to his kids. Now, it looks as if he had a reason to worry. Recently, Jon’s gotten really angry after his 20-year-old daughter became a victim of online trolls.

Now that Mady Gosselin is no longer a minor, it appears the mudslinging pushed into her life. This is what their dad wanted to avoid with his decade-long protest about his kids appearing on reality TV. One recent post from a troll was so horrendous, it caused Jon to retaliate.

Jon Gosselin Worked Against Kate Gosselin’s Goals

Jon Gosselin is the father of the famous sextuplets plus the older twin daughters from the once-popular reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. Years back, he walked away from a lot of money in protest over his kids being on a reality show.

He didn’t want them growing up in front of the camera. But it seems that Jon lost that battle and their mother Kate Gosselin appeared to win. The kids lived life with cameras in tow long after Jon divorced Kate.

Since then, Jon launched an unofficial campaign to let his kids live a normal childhood. But his ex-wife had other ideas. Kate Gosselin deleted Jon’s name from the show title and went forward with Kate Plus 8. It was just her and the kids starring in the show.

Jon Gosselin fought against Kate — to no avail. Kate continued with her reality shows and specials until a judge finally ended it. The deal was that if Kate wanted her minor children on TV, she would need work permits. But there was a catch to it.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin - Jon Gosselin


Rules Don’t Apply To The Kate Plus 8 Mom?

To put the minor kids on the screen wasn’t just about filling out court-ordered paperwork. Instead, Jon Gosselin also needed to sign the applications for work permits. However, Kate Gosselin did a Kate Plus 8 special, including four of her minor children in her custody.

The problem was Jon Gosselin didn’t okay this. Reportedly, Kate featured the kids on the show without Jon’s signature. So, Kate blatantly went against the judge’s order. Right after the news emerged that Kate defied that court order, TLC severed all ties with her.

Today, as the Gosselin twins are now legal adults, their fame leaves them sitting ducks for haters and trolls. Mady Gosselin experienced this first-hand recently. She was trolled and it infuriated Jon Gosselin. Now, it seems the things he worried about for years may be coming to fruition.

Mady Gosselin - Passport Photo - Selfie

Jon Gosselin Vision Now Comes True

Jon always worried his kids would see the dark side of reality fame. Perhaps online trolls held back until the Gosselin kids were older. But now that the twins, Cara Gosselin and Mady Gosselin, are legally adults, there’s no protecting them online.

Mady Gosselin is in college, and just like any other young adult, she’s social media. She posted her passport photo (above left). And (above right) is a casual pic of Mady Gosselin today. Most people commented on her stunning looks, but not everyone.

After posting her pics, trolls came at Mady. And one left a racist remark on her channel. Mady Gosselin holds her own online usually – but this person was so hateful, Jon went after them. It demonstrates why Jon Gosselin didn’t want cameras focused on his kids.

Jon worried their fame would make them targets. But, the kids never got to say whether they wanted fame or not. But their mother insisted that cameras stay focused on them. Are her grown children now paying the price – and Jon Gosselin was right all along?

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