‘Kate Plus 8’: Jon Gosselin Gag Order Lifted – Trashed Kate Claps Back

Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin clapped back after Jon Gosselin shared claims that their kids suffer at her hands. It seems a decade-long gag order on Jon Gosselin recently expired. This paved the way for Jon to spill piping hot tea in a new interview.

Without the gag order, Jon Gosselin spewed a scathing account alleging a nightmare life for his kids with Kate Gosselin. It seems he feels it’s time to set the record straight on the Kate Plus 8 mom.

Kate Plus 8 Update: Jon Gosselin Shares His Side

What Jon had to say about the Kate Plus 8 celeb was stunning. He says the school Kate Gosselin enrolled Collin Gosselin in three years ago was a psychiatric facility. Jon claims that Collin has ADHD, a common condition, but was committed to the facility by his mother. The reason behind this said Jon, is that he became an inconvenience to her.

While in the facility, Collin received only three visits from his mother, according to Jon Gosselin. This added up to about two hours altogether in the three years he lived there. He also said that Kate took a “militant” approach with the kids.

Jon also reports the mom from Kate Plus 8 put Collin in the facility without his knowledge. He says he only found out when he asked the guidance counselor at his prior school for his son’s whereabouts. According to Jon, Kate said she was home schooling Collin. The dad of eight said he immediately saw this as “fishy”.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Sheriffs Arrive – Kate Gosselin Abuse?

Then, law enforcement got involved, reportedly  because Collin claims his mother abused him. Jon said that’s what sheriff’s told him after arriving at his house. Then, he found out his ex-wife put their son into a psychiatric facility. But the sheriffs couldn’t give him the location.

Because Kate had Jon stripped of custody, he couldn’t find out where Collin was. Later, he says he got a disturbing letter from his son begging him to come get him. That’s when Jon hired lawyers to get custody of his son.

Jon fought to get Collin released into his custody. While the court battle went on, Jon got another letter from his son Collin, smuggled out by his roommate. The rest is history. Because, Jon won custody and Collin came to live with him.

Collin’s been with Jon ever since his release from the facility in 2018. Hannah Gosselin, another of the famous Gosselin sextuplets, also lives with her dad. Both kids, now 15, demonstrate clear signs of trauma, claims Jon.

After his very public 2009 divorce from the Kate Plus 8 reality star, a gag order kept him from talking  about the dynamics inside this family. While both Hannah and Collin reside with Jon full-time, he has no contact with the other six kids. He alleges that Kate “poisoned” the children against him.

Kate Plus 8: Jon Gosselin Describes Kate Gosselin Not Seen on TV

Jon Gosselin recently embarked on a “tell-all” interview and swears he never cheated during his marriage. The only thing he was guilty of was wanting his kids to live a normal childhood, he says. He fought to kick the cameras out, but Kate Gosselin won out. He also claims the kids didn’t want any part of the reality show either.

Kate Plus 8 came out of the demise of Jon and Kate Plus 8. But the kids only agreed to do the show because their mother wanted it, according to their dad. He claims the kids feel forced to do it for their mother. Jon came out swinging with his verbal gloves off for this latest interview where reports suggest he painted his ex as a “monster”.

He said it was heartbreaking to learn the kids didn’t want to do the show. Today, Kate lives with the other four sextuplets, Alexis, Aaden Joel and Leah – all now 15 years old. The twins, Cara and Madelyn Gosselin, now 18, live away at college.

Kate Plus 8: Kate Gosselin

Look at Me Now – All’s Well With Bird and Dinner

When this interview hit the news, it only took Kate Gosselin a few hours to seemingly clap back. She did this by posting a recent family dinner scene from her home, seen above.

Jon Gosselin recently threw TLC under the bus as well. He claims the network offered him $1 million to continue on with Jon and Kate Plus 8, pretending to be a happy couple as they went through their divorce.

While Jon Gosselin reports some rather harsh things about the Kate Plus 8 mom, fans saw (and judged) Kate’s behavior on her show. A few scenes from one of the episodes captured her demeanor while on a road trip in an RV. The mom of eight set out with all her kids along with a few of her friends to travel in an RV caravan and see the sights.

It ended in screaming and yelling on Kate’s part. Kate Gosselin lost control and a few jaw-dropping moments ensued. Kate’s behavior on that episode prompted questions and concerns from the fans. But fans questioned the parenting style of the Kate Plus 8 matriarch through all the seasons on reality TV.

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