Kate Middleton’s ‘Naughty’ Tendencies Put Smile On Prince William’s Face

Kate Middleton is part of the Royal Family so when you hear Kate’s name and “naughty” in the same sentence it may raise an eyebrow. Then again, both eyebrows might go up when you learn that this description came from her husband Prince William.  If you add what William has to say about himself then you may feel your jaw start to drop as well.

Prince William and Kate’s marriage is like a modern-day fairytale but it’s not because they live as Royals. This couple just seems so happy together and from what reports today indicate, they are.

Kate Middleton Embarrassed A Bit

If you ever wondered what keeps the couple so happy together a hint buried in an interview from the archives may offer a clue. Before Prince William and Kate Middleton were married and before the pitter-patter of little feet echoed through their palace home, the engaged couple sat down for an interview.

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William leaning in for a kiss(?) 😻

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This tidbit emerged from their “first official engagement” interview, cites Marie Claire. It just might offer a reason for this couple’s happiness in married life as well as what made the connection with them in the first place. Prince William was asked how he and Kate Middleton ended up as a couple. The answer he offered is not only surprising but it also embarrassed his wife a bit back when it happened.

Prince William Offers a ‘Naughty’ Tidbit About Kate Middleton

Prince William said it was their shared sense of humor that made them so attracted to one another. This is the foundation for many successful unions so it’s not as if this is rare to hear.

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Cutest! She is such a character 😍

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It is what the Prince divulged next that turned heads back in the day. He went on to describe Kate Middleton and her sense of humor but then he went a bit further. He followed that up with a description of his own humorous side. Prince William said:

“She’s got a really naughty sense of humor which really helps me because I’ve got a really dirty sense of humor so it was good fun, we had a really good laugh, and then things happened.”

This is how Prince William and Kate Middleton hit it off originally, according to the Royal second in line to the throne.

Kate Middleton Shot William the Look

This statement prompted Kate Middleton to shoot quite the look at her future husband. This happened during a TV interview and William’s wife looked “a little embarrassed” after her fiance’ told the masses that she had a bit of a “naughty” streak about her, according to the website.

When the Kate and William first met, the Prince spilled a drink all over himself after she curtsied to him. This little bit a trivia explains a nervous Kate meeting her Prince for the first time. She would go on to become his royal bride in the future.

Their “naughty” and “really dirty” sense of humor got them together but it is probably one of the things that have kept them so happy through the years. There you have it, one of the secrets that keep Kate Middleton and her Prince so happy together.

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