Carole Middleton Snaps Fingers At Staff – Another Bout for Kate’s Mom?

Carole Middleton makes headlines as a finger-snapping employer, say recent reports. But Kate Middleton’s mom weathered prior negative media accusations. This time around, Carole is painted as a tough boss.

According to a new report, Carole Middleton snaps her fingers when under pressue. She does this to grab the attention of her staff. Carole and Michael Middleton both are media faves for scrutiny.

Kate Middleton Parents Under Scrutiny

The negative media reports started even before their daughter became royalty. Unlike Meghan Markle’s father and sister, Carole Middleton and her husband Michael won’t do battle publicly. They seem to ignore negative press.

The latest report scrutinizing Carole Middleton emerged from interviews. Former staff from the couple’s business talked with the press. The royal in-laws own the online party supply business, Party Pieces.

Carole Middleton a Lion and Michael Middleton a Lamb?

While Carole Middleton is seen as tough to work for, Michael is not. In fact, reports say he’s just the opposite. He is seen as kind, helpful, and appreciative. Carole started Party Pieces over three decades ago back when Kate Middleton was just a kid.

All three kids, Pippa, James, and Kate worked with their mom. Then, their oldest child suddenly made worldwide news as a pending royal. That’s when things changed. Carole Middleton, her husband, and their business became a target for tabloids.

Grasping at Straws?

From recent reports, employees complained about docked pay. Apparently, if an employee takes time off for the dentist, they might not get paid. Perhaps Carole and Michael’s employees work under quotas. So, taking time off might mean less pay for less work achieved.

Since the royal engagement, the Middletons have been subjects of negative headlines. They were raked over the coals for selling royal-affiliated items ahead of their daughter’s wedding. Despite other party suppliers selling the same items, the tabloids targeted the future royal in-laws. Some media claimed Kate’s family was cashing in on their royal affiliation. Since then, the jabs continue.

Carole and Michael Make Huge Sacrifice of Privacy

Sure, Kate’s parents became famous overnight. As soon as Kate and William were an item, the media watched their every move. But their successful business kept the Middletons comfortable. That’s long before Kate met Prince William. Also, they owned a beautiful home before royalty married into the family.

If anything, they gave up their privacy once Prince William romanced their daughter. The press is often unkind to Michael Middleton and Carole Middleton – as well as Pippa and James. Royal watchers know this will likely continue.

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