Prince George Back to School: Kate and William’s Oldest Son to Study Ballet and Science

Prince George, the oldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, is starting first grade next month at Thomas’s Battersea. It’s the same school where he attended Kindergarten last year. According to People magazine, the third in line to the British throne is set to tackle a more challenging curriculum. Prince George will enjoy a varied education and gain the knowledge he’ll need when becomes monarch one day.

What Will Prince George Study?

Besides more formalized classes as science, English and history, new first grader George will also take religious studies. In this class, the Prince will learn about Christianity, reading the Bible and learning to “appreciate the cultural differences in Britain today.” The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s oldest son will also try his hand at public speaking.

The first level students are required to stand up in class, talk about stories that they experienced or made up. The young Prince will also be expanding on his current knowledge of the French language with weekly 35 minute classes tough by a specially appointed instructor. Their interactive curriculum includes songs, stories, puppets and fairy tales – all spoken in French.

What is also rather fun is that Prince George will be participating in a weekly, 35-minute ballet class. The Daily Mail reports that Thomas’s Battersea students won’t just be practicing their pirouettes to canned music. Instead, they will have a real live piano player perform as the students flail their arms and spin in their most graceful ballet moves. Ballet was a favorite of Prince George’s late grandmother, Princess Diana.

It seems appropriate that the £20,000 ($25,694) a year school teaches money in their mathematics class. George’s first-grade math class includes addition, subtraction, and even fractions. Prince George has already enjoyed some International travel, including public visits to Canada, Germany, and Poland. His geography class will certainly come in handy in prepping for future family charm offensives.

After-School Activities For Prince William and Duchess Kate’s Oldest Child

At the end of the school day, the exclusive south-west London school offers a cornucopia of after-school activities that include philosophy, the debate team, fencing and artistic pursuits such as pottery.

Homework for Prince George?

It can be assumed that in the evening, before George hangs out with his sister Princess Charlotte and baby brother Prince Louis, he will be required to read for 10 minutes. He will also receive a weekly spelling assignment. Now royal watchers want to know if Kate Middleton will be able to accompany Prince George to school this year.

Last year, she suffered from extreme morning sickness and Prince William accompanied him alone. Hopefully this year, Kate can be more hands-on with his schooling. Come back to Soap Dirt for the latest in all the royal family news.