Princess Diana Missed as Prince William and Prince Harry Struggle

Princess Diana’s life ended when her boys were still young but Prince William and Prince Harry seem to need their mom more than ever today. The royal brothers are too old for the mothering that a child needs. But they could use the support of their mom, Diana. Especially as the media tears their world apart.

Diana knew the difficulty that came along with being a member of the Royal Family. Especially as an outsider moving in. Today both Prince William and his brother Prince Harry struggle as the media paints a picture that’s hard to dispel.

Princess Diana – The People’s Princess

At one time the media took aim at William’s wife, Kate Middleton. Today Prince Harry’s wife Meghan is the latest offering in the game of driving readership numbers. Diana was not without her struggles with the media as well. But she learned how to weathered them.

After a while, Princess Diana became the “People’s Princess” – a nickname that suited her well. But at times, Princess Diana’s reputation was formed in the media. Much like Kate and Meghan today, Diana’s life became an open book. She knew all too well the power of the media.

Yesterday Kate Middleton and Prince William

Today Meghan Markle is paying the same type of dues that Kate Middleton paid. Kate was a media target even before she was the wife of Prince William. It started with the days of “Waity Katie” in the media. That was a nickname thrown her way as she dated William for many years without any news of an engagement.

Once Kate became engaged to William, she quit her job. She did so to prepare for life as the wife of an heir to the throne. People suggested she be called “Lazy Katie” at the time because she left her job to get educated on life as a royal.

From learning self-defense to equating herself with the protocols of the monarchy, Katie was schooled on all things royal. But the press had a field day with the woman Prince William loved.

Prince Harry Might Appreciate Guidance from Princess Diana

Now it’s Meghan’s turn with her family’s skeletons splashed across the headlines. From the feuds with her father and half-sister to her individual thoughts of child rearing, no stone is unturned in the media.

The press has formed a few reputations for Meghan so far, as they had for Kate and Diana before her. She has a reputation as an American actress who wanted to become a princess. More recently another reputation emerged as a rather difficult lady of the household with her staff. The individual reputations continue to form as the media coverage continues.

Prince Harry and Prince William Struggle?

The world grew to love Diana. So much so that it was tough to get anyone to listen to a disparaging word about the People’s Princess by the time William and Harry were young boys. Kate also weathered the storm and some see her as following in late mother-in-law’s footsteps.

But through it all, Princess Diana’s boys struggled with the media coverage surrounding their wives and still do today. Prince Harry is going through his time with Meghan taking hits in the media as William did before him with Kate.

Veteran royal watchers can only imagine what a difference Princess Diana would have made as a mother-in-law to these two women. She’d probably be their saving grace.

Princess Diana Wouldn’t Stand for Disparaging Royal Rift?

Princess Diana wouldn’t watch William and Harry struggle through the media designed “riff” between two brothers and their wives. If there was a rift, which happens in the best of families, it’s hard to imagine she would let it go on for very long.

The People’s Princess would go where many people wouldn’t dare go in her time. She made headlines the day she picked up a little 7-year-old boy with AIDS. She embarked on a two to three-minute hug with that child. This was during an era where many people wouldn’t go near someone infected with the disease as so little was known about it.

Diana would tour the hospital wards and shake the hands of people sick with the disease. Notably without wearing gloves like others in the group. Her actions played a big part in dispelling a lot of rumors about AIDS.

Diana as a Mother-in-Law

Princess Diana certainly would have put the media in their place when it came to the disparaging reports of a rift between her two sons. Better yet, if there was even an inkling of a rift, chances are she would have it patched up in no time.

Many who knew Diana well, often remark today how she would have loved her son’s wives. Yes, as a mother to her adult sons, she would probably have made a big difference in their lives. As well as a difference in the lives of her two daughters-in-law.

Royal Family enthusiasts see the struggles thrust upon William and Harry as well as their two wives. Princess Diana is missed for many reasons and certainly one of those reasons has to do with her two sons. Their lives might be much different today with their mom around to guide them as the media rips into them and those they love.

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