Meghan Markle’s Father Reveals Embarrassing Legacy – Cocaine While Raising Future Duchess?

Meghan Markle is living her life with Prince Harry and ignoring her American family’s chaotic behavior without biting back. While Meghan’s been nothing but gracious it looks like Meghan’s family is on a mission to air all their dirty laundry.

They’ve done everything except hang that dirty laundry on a clothesline in front of Kensington Palace. Although Samantha Markle looked about ready to do that the other day when she showed up at palace gates to see her sister. As the headlines noted, Samantha Markle was denied access to Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s Father Reveals Cocaine Dabbling

Between Meghan’s dad, Thomas Markle, and her half-sister, Samantha Markle, they seem to continue to outdo each other in embarrassing antics. It looks like that these events have mortifying Meghan Markle in mind. There’s nothing else they have to gain with these embarrassing antics.

The most recent tidbit comes from Thomas Markle. For some unknown reason, he decided to share that he dabbled in cocaine while raising Meghan.

That’s not what a girl wants to hear about her father. But Thomas Markle’s interview is making headline news both here and across the pond. So chances are Meghan, as well as Prince Harry and the extended Royal Family, got wind of this.

Thomas Markle Gives Meghan Markle Anything But Proud Daddy Moment

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan’s father admits to having an “occasional sniff of cocaine” while raising Meghan. This was during the 70s and 80s when Thomas worked as a lighting director for Hollywood venues. A “source” emerged to explain the extent of Mr. Markle’s cocaine dabbling. The source also said that the only addiction the patriarch of the Markle family ever had was to his little girl, Meghan.

According to this source: “It was a tough business, very tough. Tom endured long unsociable hours. He was at the very top of his game, and the demands on him were great.” The source made it sound as if cocaine was a necessity in Markle’s line of work, They went n to say,  “A lot of people on set took coke not just for recreational purposes but to keep them alert and allow them to work long hours.”

Meghan Markle His Only Addiction?

The source attempted to normalized Thomas Markle’s use by saying “Tom was no different. Him saying he took the occasional sniff is conservative at best.” More importantly, it never got in the way of daddy duty or so the source says.

The source continued sharing: “What I will say though is it never affected his care and love of Meghan.  She was the most powerful drug he knew. He was addicted to her. Every hour he could spend with away from work he did.”

While Thomas Markle did what a lot of people did during that era, the point is… why reveal this now? It won’t do a thing but embarrass Meghan Markle and her new husband. This is not a legacy a father passes down to a daughter when sharing fond memories.

This reveal of Meghan’s dad comes on the heels of Meghan’s half-sister putting on a show a few days ago at Kensington Palace. Samantha Markle attempted to see her sister and at the very least get someone to give Meghan a letter she wrote.

Both requests were denied. This gave Samantha plenty of airtime on camera after she was denied access by Kensington Palace guards. It had all the earmarkings of a setup as the cameras just happened to be there.

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