Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle’s Estranged Dad, Mulls Legal Action To Access Future Grandchild

Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle’s estranged father is back in the news. The 37-year-old former Suits actress is reportedly facing yet another conflict with her dad, Thomas Markle. It appears Royal family drama is far from being over.

Thomas Markle, a former lighting technician, allegedly contacted the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby in hopes of healing the rift with the Duchess of Sussex, The Mirror reports. Apparently, Mr. Markle is keen on reconnecting with his daughter now that she is expecting her first child with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle May Face Legal Woes From Thomas Markle

According to reports, the 74-year-old retiree, Thomas Markle, considers hiring a legal team and force visiting rights of his future grandchild if his daughter continues to keep him out of her life. He allegedly points out that the upcoming royal baby will have “Markle blood” and “blue blood,” adding that he plans to assert his “rights” to access the child.

Sources close to Thomas Markle added that he already reached out to Kensington Palace and expressed his desire to fly out to London. He wants to meet with Prince Harry and his daughter, Meghan Markle (The Duchess of Sussex) after they return from their royal tour.

Thomas Markle Eager To Meet Future Grandchild

Despite his estrangement with his daughter, Mr. Markle is reportedly eager to establish a relationship with his future grandchild. Apparently, he strongly believes that the royal baby should be part of his life just as much as Prince Charles’.

In an interview, Mr. Markle admits his excitement upon hearing Meghan’s baby news on the car radio. There are claims that he also wants the child to be called Thomas if he is a boy.

“The first thing I thought about was holding Meghan as a newborn. I thought, ‘My baby is having a baby’. A baby is a blessing and I look forward to seeing a little Meghan or a little Harry.”

The Markles’ Rift

The Markles’ controversial rift continues to make headlines even after the happy baby news. Previously, the outspoken estranged father compared the Royal Family to Scientologists due to their “cult-like” secrecy.

On the other hand, Meghan’s half-sister Samantha Markle slams the former actress after her moving speech about the importance of education, especially for girls. In a series of disgruntled tweets, Samantha reiterates that their father was the one who paid for her half-sister’s education, calling Meghan “delusionally absurd.”

“My sister was able to afford attending the University only because our father paid her tuition completely. There was no scholarship, no grant, or financial aid program involved. The speech was a lie.”

Samantha Markle’s Tirade Against Meghan Markle

Last month, Samantha flew to London in a bid to meet Meghan face to face after several attempts of reconnecting with her failed. At one point, the wheelchair-bound author was photographed in front of the Kensington Palace, handing one of the guards a letter for her royal half-sister. She even made an appearance on national TV to apologize to Meghan.

This bold move comes as a surprise to many, especially with Samantha’s past tirades against the Duchess of Sussex. Previously, she lashed out on Twitter, saying that Meghan’s “fake waves and smiles can stop.” At one point, she even called her a “Duch***.”

The other daughter of Thomas Markle continued, “I am not candy coating anything anymore! The DUCHA– should be humane to our father who has given her everything … and this media crap can stop! He was the one who was always there for her… The ducha– can bow to the daddy.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in New Zealand for an official royal tour.

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