Meghan Markle Called ‘DuchA**’ by Half-Sib Samantha Markle – Jealous Sister Rants And Rages

Meghan Markle a “DuchAss”? Let the immature name calling continue! Evil step-sister Samantha Markle has been on yet another Twitter rant-fest, trolling and mocking the former Suits star. From comparing her to the current American president to giving Prince Harry’s new wife advice on how she should “bow” to their father, Thomas Markle. The ranting and raging shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Royal Family News: Samantha Markle Goes On Twitter Rampage Against Meghan Markle

The Daily Mail has reported that Samantha Markle has again gone on a tweet storm and has focused on her royal half-sister, Meghan Markle. Samantha called out her younger sister for not being “humane” to their father Thomas Markle. In a very childish action, Samantha Markle has even changed Meghan’s new duchess title to include a derogatory swear word. She repeated this over and over again in her flurry of angry tweets.

“I am not candy coating anything anymore! The DuchAss should be humane to our father who has given her everything and this media crap can stop!”

Although her account’s tweets are protected and only those approved, which is currently a mere 6,818 followers. These few users can follower her Twitter account. Despite the privacy controls, they do report on her tweets. Curiously, across the top of her Twitter page are the words “In The Shadows of the Duchess” (the last word correctly spelled, unlike her not-so-charming tweets.) Samantha Markle is clearly obsessed with her younger sister Meghan Markle.

Samantha Markle Accused Meghan Markle’s Mom Doria Of Using Drugs

After mocking Meghan Markle because her mother Doria has visited London on several occasions in order to comfort her during this time of stressful contact with her father, Samantha tweeted a joke about her step-mother baking “comfort brownies.” Meghan’s older sister went as far as to claim that marijuana is to blame for Meghan’s issues. She tweeted ‘That’s right all of her marijuana can’t fix anything…I think it’s part of the problem.” What is that supposed to mean? Is Doria Ragland taking a few tokes after morning yoga at Buckingham Palace? Does Meghan have a substance abuse issue? These are some pretty big accusations!

Some may wonder if perhaps Samantha may indulge in a glass of wine or two when she goes on these frequent Twitter attacks. But she is not one hold back on accusing others of using chemical enhancers.

Samantha Insists That Meghan “Bow” To Her Father, Thomas Markle

Samantha also tweeted that Meghan Markle “bow” to Thomas Markle, her father. She said Meghan owes everything to her father. She insinuated that she give her father a bow just as she would give the Queen a curtsey–to show respect. Accusing Meghan of not being a “nice person,” she said Meghan has an “obligation” to treat their father with “kindness.”

Although Samantha is currently making accusations, it was not that long ago that Thomas Markle accused his daughter of ignoring him to appease the Rioyal Family. As Soap Dirt recently reported, Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father has even lashed out his youngest daughter in the press by claiming that Meghan would be “nothing without me.” Furthermore, he was interviewed for nine hours in the course of three days. Markle sharply accused the Royal Family of keeping Meghan from contacting him. He bemoaned that he has not had any contact with his daughter since before her wedding.

Samantha’s New Career Appears To Focus On Trashing Meghan

Samantha Markle now appears to have changed her career to focus only on the Duchess of Sussex. She has been busily writing a book about their relations. Samantha has been discussing her book to any media that would listen way before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry even became engaged.

Originally, her book was entitled The Diary Of Princess Pushy. Before Meghan and Harry married, she told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain that the title has now been switched to A Tale Of Two Sisters. Above all, no publisher or information has yet to be been released.

Originally an actress like Meghan, Samantha’s career was cut short when she was diagnosed with MS a decade ago. This was the last time the sister Samantha Markle and Meghan last saw each other. Originally blonde, Samantha has now dyed her hair Meghan-brown. She is very accessible to the media. She even claims responsibility for her father’s staged photos. Many royal watchers will recall that they were at the root of his absence from Meghan’s wedding.

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