Princess Eugenie’s Odd Wedding Rule – Does That Include Underwear?

Princess Eugenie is geared up to give the world a second Royal Wedding of the year but at her nuptials, there’s a rather odd rule in place. There is something you won’t see at her wedding when she repeats her vows with the groom, Jack Brooksbank. She is enforcing this rather strange rule among her guests. Furthermore, Eugenie’s wedding is considered a “bargain” despite the price tag recently doubling for security at the wedding.

Princess Eugenie Steps Back From Tradition

Much like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie and her fiance Jack Brooksbank are stepping back from tradition just a bit for their wedding day. It seems there’s a trend forming among the new generation of the Royal Family. Some of the old traditions are left behind when it comes to their nuptials.

When 28-year-old Princess Eugenie marries Jack Brooksbank, 32, on October,12, the bride’s bizarre request might raise a few eyebrows. Reports indicate there’s a “Surprising Rule Princess Eugenie is enforcing at her wedding,” according to Furthermore, it is making headline news today.

Plastic-Free Zone Wedding

While you will see flowers, lace, and maybe even a few grains of rice at Princess Eugenie’s special day, you won’t see anything plastic. The bride is strictly enforcing a “no plastic” rule at her fall wedding. With that said, the princess is not expecting anything different from her guests than she herself wouldn’t do. She wants a plastic-free event for her big day.

In a recent interview, Eugenie expressed how she prides herself in having a plastic-free home. She resides at Kensington Palace in Ivy Cottage and there’s not a piece of plastic to be found within her private dwelling. With that said, this can’t be an easy feat, to rid your world of plastic and live in a plastic-free zone.

Look around your home, think of all the objects that are made of plastic or contain plastic of some kind. From your doorbell button at the front door to your toilet paper holder in your bathroom, plastic is everywhere. Creating a plastic-free wedding can’t be an easy feat.

Princess Eugenie Means Business – Plastic-Free Home

Guests at Princess Eugenie’s special day will need to take a good look at themselves before heading off to this Royal Wedding. They need to check their attire, hair accessories, shoes and even lingerie to make sure they are plastic-free. That is if they want to show their respect to the bride’s wishes.

Even your lingerie is apt to have plastic if you go in for the underwire bra. Many of those garments today are made with plastic-like wires rather than the old-fashion wire made of metal. Even a few of those fascinator hats that are all the trend across the pond, aren’t plastic-free. With all the ecliptic designs you see, there is bound to have some plastic pieces somewhere.

While this is a “plastic free” wedding, it is not as if there will be the plastic police checking the guests. But it is a request that Princess Eugenie has put forth. She wants a “plastic-free” wedding.

The bride-to-be is looking out for the planet. She is also doing this as the ambassador for Project O, which is an organization protecting the ocean. This organization “to inspire people to make sustainable choices to stop the ocean from drowning in plastic.”

Princess Eugenie’s wedding has just about doubled in price for security recently, according to the latest reports. It will now cost $3.5 million to keep a watchful eye over all the important guests as well as the bride and groom. reports “Eugenie’s wedding is still likely to be a bargain compared with the $46 million cost of Harry and Meghan’s in May.”

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