Princess Eugenie Scoliosis Scar – Open Back Wedding Gown Created for Inspiration

Princess Eugenie married her long-time boyfriend Jack Brooksbank Friday in a star-studded wedding making headlines around the globe. Along with her wedding gown, guests, and vows, Princess Eugenie’s scoliosis scar was also a big part of her day. Although Kate Middleton and Megan Markle got quite a bit of attention, Princess Eugenie took total control of the limelight with her beauty and grace.

Princess Eugenie –  Shows World Scoliosis Scar

At the Royal wedding, Princess Eugenie was breathtaking in her beautiful opened-back wedding gown accented with a Russian tiara borrowed from the Queen. While celebrities like Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Liv Tyler, and Kate Moss, just to name a few, were present – all eyes were on Eugenie.

Princess Eugenie Scoliosis Scar – Five Surgeries as Teen

News stations across the globe featured Princess Eugenie’s wedding gown. The description and designer are a couple of the details offered. But there’s something much more important that went into the design of Eugenie’s gown.

Princess Eugenie gave instructions to create a gown with an open back. She did this for a different reason than most brides who opt to expose their backs in a wedding gown. Adding to part of the elegance of this Royal Wedding, Eugenie’s wedding gown exposed a scar that runs the length of her back.

Princess Eugenie’s Long Journey With Scoliosis

That scar is there from a series of surgeries she had between the ages of 15 and 17-years-old.

Princess Eugenie was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 14 and over the next three years, she underwent five surgeries to correct the condition. This was devastating for a teenager, especially for one who was in the spotlight as a princess and the granddaughter of the Queen.

Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Gown Designed for Scoliosis Scar Exposure

Princess Eugenie had the surgery to correct her scoliosis, which is actually a curvature of the spine. Her decision to expose her scar to the world is an inspiration for young kids all over the globe. The message was heard by many people who have the same scar as Princess Eugenie.

Princess Eugenie Message Heard Loud and Clear

The princess bride wanted children facing the same fate to know that despite the major surgery involved, it doesn’t change your options in life.

According to the BBC Princess Eugenie showed off that scar rather than hide it in a dress without a back. Eugenie declared “you can’t change the way beauty is” when deciding on the open-back dress. She was an inspiration for many people who have scars of all types.

Scoliosis Scar For the World to See on Wedding Day

When the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth decided on her wedding gown she actually had her scoliosis scar in mind. She explained how this opened back wedding gown was a way of “standing up for young people who also go through this.”

Eugenie’s decision not only gave those folks with scars from scoliosis surgery inspiration but she was also an inspiration for people who have scars of all types. Comments on Twitter came from people who have scars that range from accidents to shark bites, along with scars from various surgeries.

Princess Eugenie Inspiration

Princess Eugenie’s decision had people from all over the world leaving comments of praise and thanks to the new bride. Women and men shared their stories online about their scars and the effect they’ve had on their lives.

Twitter is filled with comments over how Princess Eugenie’s decision to proudly display that scar touched hearts worldwide. One Mom wrote – “I LOVE that Princess Eugenie had a low back dress to show off her scar – my 5yo daughter has a scar on her back from an operation and I will show her later that even Princesses have scars and they are nothing to be embarrassed of.”

Another woman wrote – “Princess Eugenie chose a wedding dress that showed her scar and it’s so inspiring to me. I went under the same surgery and even though no one has ever seen my scar, it makes me really insecure and I feel judged when I know I shouldn’t feel that way. Ever.”

Royal Splash in Her Wedding Gown

Princess Eugenie made a royal splash with her beauty and grace on her wedding day. Her decision to inspire children the same condition she faced as a teen is a real tribute to her.

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