Meghan Markle Tags Prince Harry With A Few Un-Royal Names

Meghan Markle is in the middle of a storm with her immediate family across the pond but she’s found some solace with “Haz.” That would be Prince Harry, who Meghan affectionately refers to sometimes as Haz. She also has another pet name for her new husband of a few months. It seems that the Royal brothers are known for using terms of endearment when addressing their wives.

Meghan Markle’s Got a Thing For Spike as Well

If Meghan is overheard calling her Prince “Spike” it’s not because he’s joined a biker gang. And it is definitely not because he has a tendency to spike her drinks, which he doesn’t. No, this was an endearing name that started out as a code.

Wooing Meghan while she was in Canada filming Suits was a tedious process. With the two on opposite sides of the pond, the famous Prince and popular actress couldn’t use social media. That is without becoming headline news.

Prince Harry’s Code Name?

A young Prince Harry gave himself a code name online before ever meeting Meghan. With that said, the price was known as Spike Wells on Facebook. He did this originally so he could use social media like normal folks. Spike lasted four years online, but due to the possibility of a security risk, Spike was deleted.

While he might be wiped off Facebook, Spike is not lost for good. Some of his friends, along with Meghan Markle still refer to him as Spike. Most of the time her pet name for her husband is Haz, but Spike comes out now and then.

What Do the Royal Brothers Call Kate and Meghan?

So what does Harry call his wife? We’ve heard Prince William refer to Kate as quite a few terms of endearment like “babe” and “darling” once they were married. In his courting days, she was known to him as “baby” and “babykins.”

Another nickname that William has used for Kate within earshot of the cameras is “Poppet.” When Kate and Prince William appeared outside the hospital door to give the world a glimpse of their first born, Prince George, William used that name. He was guiding Kate back into the hospital after the brief reveal and called her Poppet while escorting her.

Meghan Markle is Called…

So what does Prince Harry call his bride Meghan Markle? Why that is Meg of course! According to Women’s Health Magazine, Meg is the name the Prince calls Meghan. It sounds like the names Meg and Haz echo through the halls of the big overgrown palace they call home. That holds true for Babe, Poppet, and Darling as well!

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