‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’: Mom Kelly and Son Matt in Disturbing Lingerie Shop Scene

I Love a Mama’s Boy introduced Kim, Matt, and Kelly as one of the four trios on this new series when they rolled out their premiere on Sunday night. While social media lit up over this new show, this trio seems to rise to the forefront.

I Love a Momma’s Boy: Matt & Mom Kelly Leave Kim at Home

On the most recent episode of the TLC show, Matt and mother Kelly went shopping together. There’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s what they shopped for that some fans found disturbing. They also found the topic rather mortifying for Kim as I Love a Mama’s Boy rolled out the scenes.

Kelly and her son browse lingerie that Matt intends to buy for Kim. Mom Kelly mortified her son’s girlfriend when sharing her observations. She did that this week on the I Love a Mama’s Boy premiere episode.

I Love a Mama's Boy - Kelly - Matt - Kim

Mama Decides Son’s Bedroom Activity Needs Some Spice

Kim and Matt originally lived in an apartment together without Matt’s mom. But after a fire destroyed their place, they moved in with Kelly. From what Kim says, it’s way worse than she could have imagined on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

It seems Kelly sees a need for Matt to spice up his love life. She lets the I Love a Mama’s Boy audience know this by talking right into the camera. She made this decision after noticing the lack of noise.

Apparently, the I Love a Mama’s Boy matriarch walks the halls at night. She reports that she didn’t hear sounds coming from Matt and Kim’s bedroom while strolling. This observation mortifies Kim, who feels Kelly is going where no mom should go with this conversation.

I Love a Mama's Boy: Kelly - Matt

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Mom & Son Lingerie Shop

A mother and her son mulling over a sexy corset in a store is not a traditional family activity. So when the I Love a Mama’s Boy cameras followed Matt and his mother into a lingerie store, they captured what some call a “disturbing” scene.

Kelly, who is still adamant that her son needs to spice up bedroom activity, is now in earshot of a saleswoman. The shop owner, Yve, appears befuddled, amused, and slightly disturbed as she talks into the camera during I Love a Mama’s Boy.

Mike and his mom search for lingerie for a Valentine’s Day gift for Kim. But it seems his mom has her son’s best interest in mind. Matt pipes up at one point, saying that his mother is right. He and Kim do need some spice back in their relationship.

Proprietor Pushes Kelly’s Buttons

Yve said she is not a mental health professional. But with that said, she’s never seen a display like this from a mother and son when it comes to selling lingerie. Other female customers watch and listen to Matt and mama Kelly during this I Love a Mama’s Boy episode. They look stunned at what they hear as well when the camera pans over to them.

Because his mother liked a sexy robe so much, Matt brought one for each of his women. It’s Kim’s Valentine’s Day gift. But he buys the same robe for his mother, as well, because she liked it. The store owner tells Kelly that once her son marries, his wife will be number one.

Boom… you can see Kelly’s blood pressure rise. That’s not going to happen, as Kelly lets the owner of the shop know. Later Kelly tells the cameras on I Love a Mama’s Boy that that woman needs to mind her own business. Tune in next Sunday night to TLC when all four moms interfere in their sons’ Valentine Day plans with their significant others.

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