‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’: Kim & Matt Explode over Mother Kelly

I Love a Mama’s Boy star Kimberly Cobb is taking a stand for her voice and beliefs once again against her boyfriend’s mother, Kelly McAdamsMatt McAdams and his girlfriend Kimberly are living together in Kelly’s house. However, the uncomfortably close relationship between Kelly and Matt is causing Kelly to feel stressed. Now, she’s taking a stand and fighting for herself.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Celeb Kimberly Cobb Addresses Problem to Matt McAdams

On I Love a Mama’s Boy, Kimberly Cobb sits down to talk with her boyfriend Matt McAdams. She sits down on a couch, sitting next to Matt. With her body language reading defensive, she tells Matt McAdams that she’s “caught off guard” about Kelly McAdams.

It is because Kimberly Cobb wasn’t expecting Kelly McAdams to be heavily involved in the decision-making process of the house they’re building together.

Matt McAdams and Kimberly Cobb were forced to move in with his mom, Kelly McAdams, after their apartment burned down. During their time on I Love a Mama’s Boy, Kimberly and Matt explain that they don’t have the finances to move out of Kelly’s home.

Now, Kelly is paying for Kimberly and Matt McAdams to have a custom-built space in her garage, that’s located on her property. She sits down to address her concerns with Matt McAdams. Kimberly Cobb explains that she’s shocked his mom’s “involved with the architect”.

Kimberly Cobb says that instead of Matt McAdams sticking up for his girlfriend against his mother, he just sided with Kelly on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

I Love a Mama's Boy: Matt McAdams - Kimberly Cobb

An Apology from Matt McAdams

After Kimberly Cobb brought up her problem, he apologizes for hurting her feelings. He says that everything that Kelly is talking about is “stuff” that the couple wanted Kelly’s opinion on.

Kimberly interrupts him and says that they had agreed on certain things. One example she gives is the installation of the doggy door. Instead of agreeing with Kimberly, Matt sided with Kelly on her opinions of getting a doggy door installed on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

Then, Kimberly says that she just wants the couple to get to a place where they can agree on things. And after agreeing on things, that Matt doesn’t change his mind when it comes to talking to Kelly McAdams.

On I Love a Mama’s Boy, Matt sticks up for his mother. He goes on to say that he feels like it’s a “hard thing” for Kimberly to want. He believes that Kimberly’s asking him to always agree with her.

Kimberly says that she’s not looking for Matt to always agree with her. When they don’t agree, he thinks Kimberly Cobb will be upset. The I Love a Mama’s Boy couple is having a hard time coming to an understanding during this fight.

He explains that it’s a good idea for him and Kimberly Cobb to listen to his mother on some things. He thinks this because they could be wrong about a certain situation.

I Love a Mamas Boy: Kelly McAdams - Matt McAdams

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Couple Fights over Kelly McAdams

She feels like Kelly has “really wiggled her way” into their relationship. Yet, Matt McAdams refuses to bring this to Kelly’s attention. It’s because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He also says he would never tell Kelly McAdams to “butt out”.

Kimberly asks Matt if he wouldn’t talk to Kelly, even if it’s important to her. Matt snaps back, accusing her of using guilt to get her way. She then says that she doesn’t feel like Matt’s listening to what she’s talking about.

Suddenly, Kelly McAdams busts into the room wearing a statue of liberty costume. Twirling around, she exclaims “Lady Liberty is here”. Shocked, she asks why she’s wearing the costume.

Matt and Kelly say that they’re taking Kimberly to New York City for her birthday. Once learning that it’ll be the three of them going to NYC,  Kimberly’s upset. Watch the next episode of I Love a Mama’s Boy to learn if Kimberly Cobb has fun on this trip to New York City.

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