‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’: Shekeb & Laila – Tensions Growing

I Love a Mama’s Boy cast members Shekeb Sekander and his mother, Laila Sekander are fighting once again. While Shekeb and his girlfriend are dating, tensions are growing between this star and his mother.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Actor Shekeb Sekander & His Relationship with His Mom

I Love a Mama’s boy is featuring a selection of couples. Instead of like other reality TV shows, this latest show from TLC features the struggle between a son, his mother, and his girlfriend. Despite all of the couples featured in the latest spoiler, there is one mother and son duo that tops them all.

Shekeb Sekander and Laila are certainly attention-grabbing on I Love a Mama’s Boy. Not only does he have a striking muscular build. But, Laila carries a self-centered attitude.

Emily has been dating Shekeb Sekander for three years. This couple has hopes of starting a family together. Yet, Laila and Emily aren’t getting along very well during the filming of I Love a Mama’s Boy.

I Love a Mama's Boy: Shekeb Sekander

Emily’s Fight for Her Relationship

There doesn’t seem to be any boundaries that Laila has with her son, Shekeb. Yet, this lack of boundaries is putting a strain on her relationship with her son. Laila is harassing Emily, making her feel very uncomfortable.

In a turn of events, I Love a Mama’s Boy personality Shekeb Sekander actually raises his voice at his mom. This happens during her birthday part. He, along with his girlfriend, eventually walk out of Laila’s house.

Opening up, Shekeb shares that he’s never done anything like that before. He talks about how he’s never raised his tone towards his mom before. Also, he discussed how he’s never left the house without his parent permission before.

I Love a Mama's Boy: Laila Sekander

Instead of running back to his mom, he spends a few days living with Emily. He eventually opens up, explaining that he needs to go back to see his mom. It’s clear by the look on his face that Shekeb Sekander is anxious about seeing his mom again. He talks about how he isn’t looking forward to seeing her again.


I Love a Mama’s Boy: Shekeb Sekander’s Return to His Mother

Despite the blowup between Laila Sekander and her son, he comes back to Laila’s house to apologize. When walking into the house, Shekeb attempts to gain the attention of his mom. Laila Sekander ignores his arrival and his pleas for her response.

This I Love a Mama’s Boy favorite asks his mom if she’s still upset with him. Instead of using her voice to respond, Laila Sekander just shakes her head yes. He then goes on to try to explain why he stood up for Emily. This is because Shekeb witnessed Laila act meanly towards his girlfriend.

Bluntly, Shekeb tells his mom that no matter what, Emily is still going to remain in the picture. Laila Sekander’s response to that is a simple “no, she’s not”. It’s unsure if I Love a Mama’s Boy lead Laila Sekander will ever loosen her grip on her son. Hopefully, she does, before she loses the relationship entirely.

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