‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’: Mom Shaves Son’s Backside – Bathed Him until Junior High

I Love a Mama’s Boy features four sons very attached to their overbearing mothers and the men appear to love it, most of the time anyway. But these sons have significant others who would like nothing better than for mom to back off.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Four Couples – Four Overbearing Moms

These aren’t teenage girls blindsided by a boyfriend’s mother. The girlfriends on I Love a Mama’s Boy series appear intellectually sound and probably a bit too kind for their own good.

These trios of mother-son-girlfriend on I Love a Mama’s Boy include:

  • Stephanie (25) and Mike (25) with his mom Liz (49)
  • Kim (25) and Matt (28) with his mom Kelly (56) (shown below)
  • Justina (26) and Jason (28) with mom Annette (49)
  • Emily (24) and Shekeb Sekander (30) with his mom Laila Sekander (61)

I Love A Mama's Boy: Matt With Girlfriend Kim

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Antics To Lose Your Lunch By?

So what the fans see and hear from the mothers and sons on this series may border on disturbing at times. If you have any doubt about their significant other’s feelings on the topic, watch the facial grimaces coming from these young ladies. Especially as these moms smother their boys. I Love a Mama’s Boy stirs some jealousy from both mom and girlfriends.

Kim, Matt, and Kelly…

Kelly lets her son Matt and girlfriend Kim know that she is fully aware there’s no intimacy going on in their bedroom at night. She hears the silence while walking down the hall. So, she takes Matt lingerie shopping. The shop owner finds this scene way out of the norm on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

Kim and Matt don’t have a child together – but she treats their pet as a kid. Due to a fire, they had to move from their apartment a year ago. So, they moved in with Kelly. Mom comes through the bedroom door each day with one cup of coffee for just her son – plus a big morning smooch. She lets the I Love a Mama’s Boy audience know there’s a hierarchy in life and she’s on top with her son.

I Love a Mama's Boy - Son Shekeb Gets Back Shaved by his mom Laila

Emily, Shekeb Sekander, and Laila…

On I Love a Mama’s Boy, Shekeb Sekander reveals that his mother, Laila Sekander, bathed him up until sixth grade. That’s after she reminds her son that he’s looking like a hairy ape. She shaves her son’s back (see photo above). Plus, his mother once arranged a marriage for Shekeb. He went through with it to make his mom happy.

But the marriage failed. So now he lives at home with his mother who not only shaves his back but has shaved his buttocks as well. Emily knows if she can’t get Shekeb Sekander away from his mom Laila, their relationship will never work. She describes the mother of the man she considers her soul mate as a “manipulative, controlling, and an awful monster of a mother.”

This I Love a Mama’s Boy’s Mother cries when she thinks her son loves Emily more than her.

I Love a Mama's Boy: Shekeb With Girlfriend Emily

Stephanie, Mike, and Liz…

Stephanie and Mike live together but when Liz comes to visit they have to hide all their food on I Love a Mama’s Boy. This mom is so much into healthy food that any sugar or starch sends her over the moon. So as she makes her way for a visit they scramble to find hiding places because Liz will hunt it down.

This mom from the new I Love a Mama’s Boy show decides way too much for her grown son and… he lets her. Mike is a model and his mom shows off his ripped abs to her friends. She’s proud when they drool over him. She acts almost as if Mike is her partner rather than her son. Actually, all four women seem to do this in one way or another.

Justina, Jason, and Annette…

Last but certainly not least on I Love a Mama’s Boy, Justina plans her wedding to Jason but Annette plans her own dream wedding for them. Jason, the other sons, acts as the middle man to defuse the situation between his girlfriend and mom. Will Justina have the wedding she wants or will Annette strong-arm her into the wedding she wants?

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Very Pushy Moms – Very Submissive Sons

It’s not as if these sons intend to put any distance between themselves and their moms. No, they all seem to love the very enmeshed lives they lead with their controlling mothers. Why these women put up with it, well that’s the question that probably needs an answer.

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