‘I Love a Mama’s Boy: Kimberly Cobb Throws Major Shade at Kelly McAdams

I Love a Mama’s Boy star Kimberly Cobb is finally standing up for herself against Kelly McAdams. The girlfriend of Matt McAdams is currently living with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mother. After putting up with hurtful comments and being overshadowed by Kelly, Kimberly is at her limit.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Kelly McAdam’s Dislike Towards Kimberly Cobb

In season one of I Love a Mama’s Boy, you learn that Matt McAdams and Kimberly Cobb stayed at an apartment together. However, they have to move in with Matt’s mom, Kelly McAdams. This is because their apartment burned down. Kimberly Cobb even goes on to explain to viewers that she and her boyfriend aren’t in a financial situation to get their own place together again.

Upon moving in with Kelly McAdams, tension has increased between this I Love a Mama’s Boy couple. This is because Matt McAdams is uncomfortably close to his mother. And as a result, this makes Kimberly Cobb feel like the third-wheel in the relationship.

With the comments and jokes that Kelly McAdams makes towards Kimberly Cobb, it’s clear that Kelly isn’t a big fan of Kimberly’s. However, Matt is encouraging his girlfriend to stay with his mother, as it’s allowing them to save up money.

I Love a Mamas Boy: Kimberly Cobb

Drama About a New House

In the latest episode of I Love a Mama’s Boy, Kimberly and her boyfriend building a house together. The only catch is, is that Kelly’s garage is a new home for the couple.

While the contractors were working on the planning stages of the project, Kimberly attempted to describe her dreams for the transformation. Kelly quickly declines all of these ideas. Instead, her main focus was to build her garage into space she wanted to live in when she grew old.

Even though the plan is for Matt and Kimberly to move into space together, she still asked the contractors to build a spare bedroom. This is shocking, considering her house is on the same property that the garage is on. As the situation escalates, Kimberly Cobb learns that Kelly even wants a key to their new home.

I Love a Mamas Boy: Kimberly Cobb - Matt McAdams - Kelly McAdams

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Kimberly Claps Back

It doesn’t seem like Kimberly Cobb has stood up against Kelly McAdams on the show yet. However, that hasn’t stopped her from throwing major shade towards her boyfriend’s mom.

Recently, she’s showing off a picture of herself, Matt, and his mom. According to this picture, Kelly McAdams is “always involved”.

She even explains that Kelly was there while she and Matt were touring the Syndey Bridge during sunset hours. While it doesn’t seem like Kimberly’s hit her breaking point with Kelly yet, it does appear to be that she’s getting there.

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