‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’: Stephanie & Mike Struggle with his Mother Love on new TLC Show

I Love A Mama’s Boy is TLC’s new venture into creepy parenting – exploring the bizarre love triangles of mothers, sons, and their significant others. Think sMothered in reverse. These mothers and sons share a special, yet extreme, bond. And there isn’t room for another woman in the mix. Four couples are featured. The show debuts Sunday, October 25 at 10 PM.

I Love A Mama’s Boy: Extreme Mother and Son Bonds

TLC has definitely upped the cringe in this new reality show. Taking a cue from sMothered, it focuses on mothers and their darling sons who just can’t cut the cord. And all the drama that results when another woman tries to come between them. Think Debbie and Colt Johnson from 90 Day Fiance. 

The show focuses on what happens when a woman finds herself competing with her boyfriend’s mom in a relationship. I Love A Mama’s Boy isn’t just about a mother being protective of her son. These mother/son bonds go beyond that.

These moms spoil their sons and in some cases admit to literally being in competition with their son’s significant other. As a result, their romantic relationships struggle. These overbearing mothers seem to want their sons to choose them over a girlfriend. And of course, it makes for some crazy drama.

I Love A Mama's Boy - Matt - Kim

Three’s A Crowd For These Couples

The new reality train wreck, I Love A Mama’s Boy, focuses on four couples struggling with too much motherly love on the man’s side. Stephanie and Mike are both 25 and living together. But Stephanie is concerned that she won’t be able to gain his mom’s approval.

Stephanie isn’t about to cater to Mike the way his mother Liz does. Could this prevent her from ever getting his mom’s blessing for them to get married? Stephanie certainly thinks so on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

Also, Emily and Shekeb Sekander  have lots of obstacles standing in the way of their relationship.

There are religious and cultural differences. Plus, Shekeb Sekander doesn’t want to move out of his parents’ house. Things are strained between Emily and Shekeb’s mom. She even tells Emily that they need to break up. Plus, mama bear (Laila Sekander) sets Shekeb up on a date with another woman on I Love A Mama’s Boy.

I Love A Mama's Boy - Annette - Jason

Moms Have No Boundaries On I Love A Mama’s Boy

Kim lives with her boyfriend Matt in his mother Kelly’s house. In this situation, three is, no doubt, a crowd. So, Kim’s starting to feel like the odd one out. His mother’s constant meddling definitely put a damper on their intimacy. His mom thinks that she is rightly at the top of the hierarchy and comes first.

And Matt tells Kim he’ll never tell his mom to butt out. This leaves Kim wondering if a future is possible with Matt. On I Love A Mama’s Boy, mom and son Annette and Jason have a strange bond. His girlfriend Justina wants to marry Jason. But she can’t get past certain things.

One issue is the fact that Jason and his mom actually go on dates together. Annette feels ignored when the three of them are together. Mother Annette even shaves son Jason’s back for him. This new show is certainly going to bring the cringe. Don’t miss the debut Oct 25 on TLC, of course.

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