‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Struggles with Binge Eating Habits

I Am Jazz spoilers reveals that Jazz Jennings is struggling with binge eating once again. She has a past with an unhealthy eating pattern. This worries her mom, Jeanette Jennings. But, Jazz is entering a new chapter in her life. There is going to be a lot of changes for her. So, she wants to start taking the proper steps that will better her life. This means working on ditching her junk food addiction for a more healthy lifestyle.

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings over Caring about Body Image

Jazz Jennings has dealt with a lot when it comes to her weight. In order for her to get the bottom surgery, she was told she had to lose weight. This was hard for the transgender teen. Since she struggles with bad habits when it comes to eating. In the end, she was able to lose the necessary weight. But, she did gain some weight back. However, she isn’t focusing on how her body looks anymore. Instead, she is going to show herself some self-love.

I Am Jazz spoilers sneak peek clips show that Jazz Jennings is trying to get into the best shape of her life. She is “done caring about image.” She says “I’m beautiful no matter what size I am.” But, she does want to work on her health. Since she is “not always very healthy.” She says that “sometimes I can be lazy and I have a lot of bad habits that I need to remove.”

I Am Jazz: Jazz Jennings

TLC Star Deals with Poor Eating Habits

Jazz Jennings doesn’t have the most healthy relationship with food. When she was on her weight loss journey she struggled with overeating. She would eat a lot of bad food. Causing her to gain weight faster than she was losing it. Despite being able to shed the weight, she hasn’t been able to ditch the bad habit.

I Am Jazz spoilers report that Jazz Jennings has gone back to her old eating manner. She says “I fell off the wagon.” The Florida teen tells Jeanette Jennings, her mother, all the unhealthy food she ate the day before. Jeanette finds it shocking what her daughter is eating and she didn’t even know it.

Mother Jeanette Jennings Worries about Jazz’s Health

Jeanette Jennings is always there to support her daughter. She has been there to help Jazz Jennings in any way that she can. She and her husband Greg Jennings was even there every step of the way to help their youngest child to lose the weight for the surgery. Even though the surgery is done, Jeanette knows that her daughter is still struggling with eating properly. She thinks that the TLC celeb will never fully get rid of her overeating habit.

I Am Jazz teasers explain that Jeanette Jennings is very concerned about her daughter, Jazz Jennings. Jeanette says that there have been many times that Jazz has shown her and Greg Jennings that she has no impulse control. With her daughter going off to college, Jeanette won’t be there to help her through those rough times that lead her to binge eat. Jeanette won’t be able to stop the LGBTQ advocate from eating unhealthy.

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