‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Brings Boyfriend Home – Will Her Parents Approve?

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings has a boyfriend. The teen has a new boy in her life and is ready to introduce the guy to her parents. Jazz has expressed that she is ready for a relationship. However, she didn’t feel comfortable with herself until she got the bottom surgery done.

With the procedure complete, she’s ready to move on with her life. Jazz Jennings is ready to share the news with her family. With her boyfriend coming to town, it is time to meet the parents. However, will the new guy get her parent’s approval?

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Has a Boyfriend

With her bottom surgery complete, Jazz Jennings is ready to live life in the body she has always wanted. This means she can pursue having a love life. She has gone on a few dates in the past. Last season she went on a date with a girl – Victoria Contasta. However, they didn’t progress into a relationship.

In new I Am Jazz spoilers, she lets her parents know that “your girl got a boyfriend”. She tells them there’s a young man in her life. Her boyfriend Amir is a 19 and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She admits to her parents that he graduated high school but is not in college – and doesn’t have a job right now.

Boyfriend Amir Meets The Parents on I Am Jazz

Spoilers reveal that Amir is coming to Florida to visit. This is the perfect chance for Jazz to introduce him to her parents. Greg Jennings admits that he is anxious to meet the guy. But her parents are afraid that their daughter may be diving into this relationship a little too fast. Since their daughter is transgender, this is new territory for them.

Meeting the parents is an important step in a relationship. Jazz Jennings just hopes everything is going to go smoothly. She tells her parents to be nice to Amir. She admits that he is probably more nervous to meet them than her parents are to meet him. Greg and Jeanette say they just want to get to know the boy. However, they have set some rules while he is in town on I Am Jazz. One rule no sleeping over.

Jazz Jennings Wants Approval From Parents 

It’s time that the TLC star introduces boyfriend Amir to her parents on I Am Jazz. Getting the approval from your parents is very important in any relationship. However, getting that approval will not be easy. Her parents are very protective. They see it’s a special concern jumping into the dating pool since their daughter is trans. The last thing they want is to see her get hurt. Greg and Jeanette do have their concerns.

Spoilers show Greg and Jeanette joke around. Greg asks “should I grill him?” Jeanette Jennings answers “yeah”. It is like an unspoken rule that parents must make their children’s life difficult when it comes to dating. However, if Jazz Jennings is serious about this boy, her parents want to make sure he has good intentions when it comes to dating their daughter. Meet her new boyfriend in the new episode on TLC.

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