‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Receives Unexpected News About Bottom Surgery

I am Jazz star Jazz Jennings got unexpected news about her bottom surgery. Jazz has been through a lot when it comes to getting her long awaited procedure done. She was told that she had to lose weight in order to get the operation. She may have lost the needed pounds, but there is a new problem she is faced with. We see all this roll out on Season 5 Episode 1 “The Final Countdown”.

In tonight’s season premiere of I Am Jazz, Jennings got a video call from Dr. Marci Bowers. The doctor lets her know that she will be in town for a convention. The doc believes that this would be the perfect opportunity for them to get together one last time before the surgery. This would give them all the chance to make sure everything is in line for the operation. However, this call sheds light on another issue.

I Am Jazz: Jennings Recovery Longer Than Expected

The I Am Jazz star and her family were under the impression that she would need to stay in New York for only a week during her recovery. While on a video call with Dr. Bowers, they are told that Jazz Jennings will need to stay in New York for at least three weeks. The doctor wants to make sure Jazz heals properly since hers is a complicated case.

This came as unexpected news for the Jennings family since they were prepared to only stay for a week. Jeanette Jennings says that she is nowhere near ready to spend that much time in New York. She is shocked and confused as to why the plans changed. She states that there is no plan B and she has no choice but to stay with Jazz for the three weeks. With this extended stay, Greg Jennings will not be able to take the time off from work.

A Complicated Case For Bottom Surgery

Since Jazz Jennings’s puberty was blocked so well, Bowers is not able to perform the surgery the conventional way. With this in mind, Dr. Bowers admits that there are some aspects of the surgery that are still uncertain. Her team has to come up with new ways to go about the surgery and work with what they have.

In the season premiere of I Am Jazz, the teen expresses that she is nervous that there isn’t a complete plan as to what her doctors will do. She admits that she is a tough case medically. This surgery is something that she has wanted for a very long time. It concerns her that there is still a lot to figure out with only a short amount of time until her surgery.

Parents Worried About Communication With Doctors

Greg and Jeanette are worried about Jazz’s surgery. In the season premiere of I Am Jazz, they express their concern during their visit with Dr. Bowers. They ask the physician for specific details about the surgery because they don’t want any surprises. They are concerned that there isn’t a set game plan mapped out.

There has been such a lack of communication with the doctors that they want clarity. Greg and Jeanette explain that the surgical approach has changed so many times that they don’t know what exactly is going on. This makes them anxious and afraid as to what can happen to their daughter.

Watch Jazz Jennings’s journey on the new season of I Am Jazz starting January on TLC.

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