‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Doctor Is Trans – Knows Gender Journey Firsthand

I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings may have picked the best physician with Dr. Marci Bowers. The doctor knows all about transitioning and gender confirmation. That’s because she went through the process herself. Bowers is also transgender. Her birth name was Mark Bowers.

However, the doc knew at a young age that who she was on the outside did not match who she was on the inside. Bowers knew that biologically, she was male. However, her mind and heart said female. When it comes to performing gender confirmation surgery, Bowers knows about it firsthand so truly understand Jazz Jennings’ journey.

I Am Jazz: Dr. Marci Bowers Went Through Transition – Understands Jazz Jennings

Growing up, Dr. Bowers tried to hide how she was feeling. At the age of 19, she ran away from college and tried to transition. However, she wasn’t successful since there wasn’t much accessible information on the topic. When she entered medical school, she decided to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. She felt like this would help her explore her feelings.

The I Am Jazz doctor lived what she considers her “unauthentic” self for nearly 40 years. She got married and had children. However, it got to the point where she could no longer live the way she was. She told her wife she wanted to live life as a woman. From that moment on she started her transition. Dr. Bowers is the first woman to have her own personal transgender story and also perform gender confirmation surgery.

Dr. Bowers Committed To Helping Others – Including Jazz

Dr. Bowers can relate to her patients on a more personal level than other physicians on his trans journey. Her motto is to “serve patients, have fun, change the world”. She wants to help people in their transition process.

So far, Marci Bowers helped over 500 patients transition. For her, the surgery is only one part of the process. She says that her goal is to help people make the transition in all aspects of life. To be able to help people step out into the world as their authentic self.

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The I Am Jazz star and Dr. Marci Bowers are a great match. They both do what they can to advocate for people who are going through the same things they experienced. As a public figure, Jazz does whatever she can to speak out about the matter. She also wants to help – and ensure that other transgenders know that they are not alone.

Jazz Jennings In Good Hands

Dr. Bowers admits that since Jazz Jennings was a suppressed youth where they were able to interrupt her puberty, it was a challenge. In the SRS surgery, there was not a lot of organic material for her to work with. Meaning she was a very complicated case. However, it seems that Dr. Bowers is well-versed to accept the challenge. Knowing her doctor’s history, the I Am Jazz star seems to be in good hands. It gives a patient comfort knowing that they can relate to their doctor.

When it came to the I Am Jazz star’s surgery, Dr. Bowers and partner Dr. Jess Ting were able to come up with a plan. It was a unique one-of-a-kind procedure and Jazz’s surgery was the first time they had performed that complex surgery. Both doctors warned Jazz that there could be complications during and after surgery.

Despite being a complicated case, Dr. Marci Bowers was not going to give up on Jazz Jennings. To see more of her trans journey on the path to her authentic self, follow Jazz’s path as she transitions on the TLC show.

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