‘I Am Jazz’: Jazz Jennings Puts Attending Harvard On Hold – Focuses On Self-Care

I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings announced that she has put attending Harvard on hold. She is grateful for the chance to attend such a prestigious school. However, she has made the decision to take some time to focus on herself before starting a new chapter. Deciding to take a break could not have been easy for her. Though, she does have the support of Harvard and her parents. Jazz expressed that it is important for her to be her strongest self before beginning a new journey. Whenever she is ready, Harvard will be there waiting for her.

I Am Jazz – Jazz Jennings Accepts Harvard Offer

Earlier this year, Jazz Jennings took to Instagram to announce that she will be a student at Harvard this fall. Jazz was shocked to get accepted to an institution that has such a small acceptance rate. Though, she is very grateful for the opportunity. To reveal that she is going to be a Harvard student, the I Am Jazz reality lead took a picture of herself wearing a Harvard sweater and put it online to announce the good news.

The Florida native, Jazz Jennings, had more than one choice when it came to picking a post-secondary school. She had a choice between two different colleges. Both colleges have a very good reputation. Which surely made picking between the two hard. She explained that her choice to accept the offer to Harvard is all documented in the new season of I Am Jazz. Though, no release date for season six has been announced.

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TLC Star Jazz Jennings Delays Start At Harvard

Jazz Jennings took to social media to let fans know that she has decided to not attend Harvard this year. She posted that she has thought about it carefully and wants to take a break before beginning at Harvard. Coming to that conclusion was not an easy one for her to make. However, she claimed, “it is the right one for me.” 

The I Am Jazz transgender teen has been very busy with her activist work and starring in her own TLC show. She started to realize that she needs to focus on some self-care before taking the next step in life. She stated that she “could use some time to refocus and recenter to be the strongest version of myself.” Yet, studying at Harvard is not completely out of the picture. 

Parents and School Approve Of Delay

Jazz Jennings can always count on her family to support her. Especially her parents who have always been there for her in every situation. She also wrote that she was grateful her parents support her. They have always stood by her side no matter what. So, it is no surprise that Greg and Jeanette Jennings would stand by their daughter during this time.

The I Am Jazz teen also got support from Harvard. She wrote that she is so glad to have the approval of Harvard as well “in making this decision.” It seems like Harvard is very understanding of her circumstances. One fan commented that whenever Jazz Jennings alum decides to start school “Harvard would be honored” to have her there.

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