‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Celebrates 18th Birthday – Receives A Shocking Surprise

I Am Jazz spoilers announce that Jazz Jennings is celebrating her eighteenth birthday. The transgender teen has been through a lot of ups and downs within the last year. She is ready to say goodbye to her seventeen self and hello to adulthood. Her family has a huge surprise for her before she leaves her minor years behind. She receives a shocking surprise. Welcome to adulthood Jazz!

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Has Life-Changing Year

Jazz’s final year of being a minor has been very eventful. She started her journey of getting gender confirmation surgery done. A journey that was far from easy. Experiencing many hiccups along the way. Including dealing with a complication with her surgery. However, she was able to push through and stay strong. Now she gets to live the rest of her life in the body she always wanted.

I Am Jazz star also got herself a boyfriend. Her very first boyfriend. Ahmir Steward seems perfect for the transgender teenager. Although, he does have a transphobic mother. Who doesn’t approve of their relationship. However, that doesn’t stop her and Ahmir from continuing their relationship. Who knows what the future holds for the couple.

Celebrates Being A Legal Adult

Jazz Jennings is about to have another life-changing moment. She is about to enter adulthood. Turning eighteen means she will legally be an adult. With that comes a lot more responsibilities. The Florida teen has already expressed that she wants to move out when she turns eighteen. However, her parents believe that she is not ready to live on her own.

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal that Jazz Jennings is celebrating her birthday. She is excited to finally be an adult. The Jennings spend some time together to celebrate her birthday. It’s a sad time when the youngest in the family becomes an adult. Other family members start to feel old. However, the Jennings has one final gift for the youngest child.

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What Is The Surprise?

I Am Jazz spoilers indicate that the Jennings have a surprise for the birthday girl. It seems like Jazz Jennings already has everything she could ever want. A body that she feels comfortable in and a boyfriend. However, there is one more thing that her family wants to surprise her with. Jazz is blind folded as her family leads her towards the big reveal. By the tone of the her voice, she is very shocked.

Fans of the TLC show can’t wait to find out what the surprise is. One fan guesses that it will be a car. Which is a typical gift a family gives their child. However, that’s too obvious. It must be something the teen would never expect. Another fan doesn’t really care what the surprise is. The fan just wishes it wasn’t the end of the season.

Find out what the surprise is on the season finale of I Am Jazz on TLC.

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