‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings’ Relationship In Danger – BF Mom Doesn’t Approve

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz Jennings’ relationship with Ahmir Steward could be in danger. Ahmir’s mom doesn’t approve of their relationship and reportedly has transphobic views. Not everyone is as accepting as the Jennings family.

When Jazz met Ahmir, the transgender teen was happy to find someone who could accept her for who she is. However, not everyone in his family feels the same. Will this make or break their relationship?

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Misgendered By Boyfriend’s Mom

Jazz Jennings always had the support and acceptance of her family and friends. However, not everyone is accepting of her being transgender. Ahmir Steward admits his mom isn’t as accepting as he thought she would be about their relationship. His mom doesn’t approve because she doesn’t want her son dating someone who is transgender.

I Am Jazz spoilers say Ahmir Steward tells Jazz Jennings that his mom doesn’t acknowledge her for who she is. His mom looks at Jazz Jennings as a boy. She misgenders the transgender teenager by calling her a “he”. Also, she calls her son gay because he is in a relationship with someone she considers a man. He clarifies that he is not gay because he regards the Florida teen as a girl.

Ahmir Steward Homeless Over Relationship?

Ahmir and his mom are not on the same page when it comes to their views and beliefs. He could become homeless because of their differences. There is a chance that his mom will kick him out of their house because he is in a relationship with the a transgender person.

I Am Jazz spoilers show Jazz’s concern about the idea of Ahmir Stewsrd getting kicked out of his house because of her. She questions him about what will happen when he goes back to Philadelphia. Ahmir is aware that there is a chance he may not be allowed back in his house. He knows that this is how his mom is. Her transphobic views seem to be causing problems for their relationship.

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Relationship Not Ending Over Transphobic Views

Ahmir Steward reassures the his new girlfriend that this situation does not change his feelings towards her. He makes it clear his mom’s views and opinions are her own and don’t affect how he sees his GF. He doesn’t seem concerned about what his mom thinks. Ahmir tells Jazz Jennings that they should enjoy their time together and not worry about what other people think about their relationship.

I Am Jazz spoilers say Jazz Jennings is touched that Ahmir Steward would stand up for her. However, it scares her that their relationship could cause problems with his mom. It could also cause get him to get kicked out of his mom’s house. Being transgender is a big part of who she is. She lets Ahmir know that she has no problem talking to his mom. But Ahmir knows his mom and says talking to her will not change anything.

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