‘I Am Jazz’ Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Faces Another Surgery – Healing Not On Track

I Am Jazz spoilers reveal Jazz Jennings may need another surgery. According to Dr. Marci Bowers, her healing is not on track from her SRS procedure. How she is looking now is not what her doctor would like her to look like. This news is devastating for the Jennings family.

Jazz was finally able to leave New York and start her recovery back at home. However, she needs another surgery, according to the new episode spoilers. She was aware that the healing process was going to be a long time. Will the issues with Jazz Jennings’ healing be a setback?

I Am Jazz Spoilers: Jazz Jennings Could Face Additional Surgeries

Up until this point, she has already gone through two surgeries. Her first surgery was her gender confirmation procedure. The second surgery was to fix the incisions that ruptured during her recovery. This journey has been far from easy for her. To make matters worse, she could be facing more surgeries.

I Am Jazz spoilers show Dr Bowers voicing her concerns to the Jennings family. She lets Jazz Jennings know she may need follow-up surgery. There’s in fact, the possibility the teen may need more than one additional operation. She is not at the stage her doctor was hoping for with the surgeries to get her the body she wants.

Dr Bowers Not Happy With Jazz’s Healing

Healing has not been easy for Jazz. She experienced complications which led her back into the operating room. Now she is in recovery for the second time. This time she spent more time in the hospital and was not sent home until they were sure it was safe to discharge her. She was given the green light to go back home to Florida to continue her recovery.

I Am Jazz spoilers say her video check up with Dr Bowers was troubling. The doctor admits that she is not healing the way she hoped. This could mean that another surgery may be needed. The doctor already told the Jennings family that some cosmetic tweaks would be needed in months to come but now, another surgery may be needed.

The End Is Not Near

After going through two surgeries the last thing Jazz wants to hear is that she needs to get another surgery done. This was not the news she was hoping for. Not only is she facing one surgery. There is a chance she may need another one. Two more surgeries is a lot to handle.

In the I Am Jazz spoilers, the young TLC star starts to break down in tears. Her journey seems to be never-ending. With this news, the end of her transformation journey seems farther away than ever. She knew this journey wasn’t going to be easy. However, she has been facing heartbreaks one after another. Will these extra surgeries set Jazz Jennings’ recovery back?

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